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    Solved - BIOS won't boot from m.2

    I feel like i'm missing something really simple here but I figured I'd ask while I keep banging on it. Just installed some existing parts on a new mobo/cpu setup. I know the drive works because it is my Plex Server OS drive that was working right before the tear down. I know the mobo m.2 slot...
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    HDMI 2.1 Splitters/Audio Extractors?

    I can appreciate that lol. I have the luxury of not having a large house to put all that in.
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    dbrand Dark PS5 faceplates available now - $49

    thx, in for one. shipping ETA is May tho lol
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    HDMI 2.1 Splitters/Audio Extractors?

    I get it. I bought a $700 reciever for the living room when I bought my house in 2015. It only does 4k/30. There are few things in life that I want nice. I want a nice computer, tv and sound. So now that my receiver is outdated and I moved my KS8000 to that receiver, time to sell it and buy a...
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    HDMI 2.1 Splitters/Audio Extractors?

    One day i'll get some big boy equipment like that...
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    HDMI 2.1 Splitters/Audio Extractors?

    Id have to disagree on overvaluing the atmos/dtsx. I have a legit atmos setup in the garage. The soundbar is clearly not the same but it does give me more of a sense of "filling" the room vs standard DTSMA/DolbyHD if that makes any sense. My father in law got the high end Samsung soundbar and it...
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    HDMI 2.1 Splitters/Audio Extractors?

    I'm guessing none of these exist but I figured i'd ask. I recently got a LG CX and didnt think things through completely. My soundbar acts as my HDMI switch and is only HDMI 2.0. Right now I have the 3080 & PS5 directly connected to the TV for the 4k/120, but then I lose the ATMOS/DTSX...
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    Cyberpunk is Available - Lets share how your GPU/CPU is performing

    Using Digital Foundry's settings w/ RT at medium, im averaging 90fps at 1440p. 9900kf @ 5.2ghz & 3080 FE
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    Got mine from Zotac website at launch. Went through updating address, paypal verification, removing a 3080 from my bucket and still got one. My LAN PC will get the 3060 ti and the 2070S will go to the wife.
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    Nvidia Shield + Plex Issues

    Emby may do what you want. I dont remember them being vastly different, but I havent used Emby in years.
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    Epic store Halloween sale 2020

    Grabbed crysis remastered for $10.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Congrats. I didnt get my step-up in until 9/27. At this rate I may be able to cancel and get in line for the 3080 20gb version lol.
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    you and me have the same plan. I think im going to consolidate my server and gaming PCs into one. I kicked everyone off my Plex so it never transcodes. Selling my 9900k & 2700x mobo/cpu combos should fund the 5900x & mobo nicely.
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    Not sure. With my experience I dont really tweak much with my AMD systems. I just let PBO work its magic and enable DOCP (or whatever its called). So ultimately i'm just looking for something that doesnt have complete garbage VRMs and at least two NVME slots. I know most x570 are $200+ so for...