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    Hero vs Formula vs Mpower z87

    Nah i will forget about the Formula to high price for me... I don't pay that much on a board anymore my last board for that price it was the formula 2. Have you OC in the Mpower Z87?
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    Hero vs Formula vs Mpower z87

    Hi, i want to build a new rig. I have been using Mac for a long time now but i need my PC and build something! I'm between the Maximus VI Hero, VI Formula love the board but for $300 i don't know it has the chipset watercooling, the cover and wifi/bluetooth... But is almost $100 of...
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    ASUS Republic Of Gamers Maximus VI Hero

    Another review... Considering the Maximus VI Formula, Hero or Asrock OC Formula. For the Formula i love the look of it but let's see the price. The Hero look good and it has what i need, for example better audio and i love Rog board i had the Maximus 2 Formula i think it was, the only thing the...
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    Does the 2340M or L has the same overshoot problem like the 2740L? Trying to decide to get the 2340m or getting the ViewSonic VX2370SMH-LED. According to NCX dosen't have overshoot problems at least the 27" version it is better panel than the Dell.
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    Viewsonic vx2370smh and vx2770smh

    I'm thinking getting the VX2370SMH or the Dell S2340L. But the dell is worse for playing games because of the overshoot. I want a IPS because i will watch movies from my bed too.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

    Good peformance and price. Love AMD Radeon never had any problems with Radeon cards.
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    Best thermal paste right know?

    I'm building a pc again... So i need to know which is the best thermal paste or the top 5 at least. Help me out
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    Apple Looking For Ways To Ditch Intel?

    I hope they do so... Because of what members said Apple fans do not care about the hardware, right now they said Mac are faster but how? A similar price pc compare to a Mac has better cpu, video card, everything is better. About Win 7 i'm running it with a old Dell Laptop and it runs better than...
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    Now that HD 8XXX cards are months away, will ATI Skip 7990?

    Well i had a geforce 4200ti was great, the ATI x800xl great card never had problems with it, the 8800GTX the drivers had problems... got blue screens in a couple of games and the last one was a 4870 loved the card. Now i'm going with a 7950.
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    7870vs7950vs660ti opinions?

    Was thinking between the 7870 vs 7950 but i will get the 7950 instead.