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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Jon and Vangelis : Friends of Mr. Cairo I also have a non-profit hobby blog that you cats might find interesting. 99.9 percent of the stuff there is free & legal (except for the dedication to Jeff Healey today R.I.P.). Basically, I simply supply links to promotional material (with credits)...
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    Opinions & help requested, monitor - acer vs viewsonic

    Hi man, Here is a little 'tutorial' of sorts that will leave you with a lot more insight into the technology: Andrew D. PS: I've been a dealer for many years and have found Viewsonic to be one of the most...
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    FreeNAS question

    Could anyone out there be so kind as to post a screenshot of FreeNAS's main HTML interface? Is FreeNAS a mini O.S. unto itself? Very much appreciated... Andrew D.
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    Vista - folder access denied

    I saw these issues for a while on the first bootup (pre-updates / patches). After I installed everything Microsoft had to throw at it from their 'Windows Updates' site - this particular issue "resolved itself..." Andrew D.
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    Advice on Very First Vista Boot.

    Boot the PC and allow it to do the steps as outlined above… After multiple reboots, if you’re interested in getting some speed outta’ that over-fed, under coded O.S., look into this document...
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    Windows XP recovery console

    Nope. Why not backup / format / reload XP Pro :-) Andrew D.
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    Can a PSU be bad and still provid power?

    Yes they can; I’ve seen a lot of em’ over the years that audibly and visually ran fine, but client’s PC kept doing weird shit such as spontaneous reboots or blue screens of death for no apparent reason, completely randomly. Remember to bring the old PSU to a local recycle...
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    How ANAL should I be about drivers?

    Been there - done that - lots! Visit the card manufacturer’s www site and download – but don’t install – the new drivers. Go into the control panel and remove the video card from the SYSTEM / DEVICE MANAGER; then visit the Control Panels' ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS icon and remove any software...
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    Motherboard recommendation

    I've run my own company (Digital Frontiers Ltd.) for a decade and a half, built many hundreds of PCs from scratch in that time. I'd suggest that you pick up one of Intel's boards as I have only ever seen one come back dead - ever. That, and they offer frequent, quick and easy to install BIOS...
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    All Of You Need To Grow Up!

    I tried growing up once... it didn't work out... Andrew D.