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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    I play Doom to quick-scope headshot Imps as I launch from a jump-pad, not to play Simon Says to get the right combo to actually kill something with bullets. Oh, and now melee does no damage unless it's "charged"... another new mechanic to an overly stuffed kit. I just want to headshot demons, so...
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    ID set the tone in 2016, then changed it. No surprises that not everyone was on board.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    Yes, in Doom 2016 I favored the Super Shotgun and the Machine Gun with sniper mod as my workhorses. The Rocket Launcher, Gauss Gun, and Gatling Gun were reserved for bosses and mini-bosses, and I largely ignored the Plasma Rifle. In Doom Eternal the devs literally said they don't like players...
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    Please help - fan header on ASUS GPU never spins Noctua PWM fan…

    Do that or try Afterburner and create a custom fan curve. I added an aftermarket watercooler and fan to my 1080ti, and the fan won't spin under 20% speed from the card.
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    is 1080 decent for 1440P 144hz?

    I had to OC my 1080 heavily in order to just sometimes hit my monitor's max refresh rate of 1440p165. I upgraded to a 1080ti and it hits the refresh rate cap far more consistently. I was seeing 90-120 playing Overwatch on "ultra" with a 4.5GHz 6600k on the 1080. The 1080ti does 120-165. Both...
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    Even OLED is a flawed technology

    I'm pretty sad that SED never came to market for TVs and monitors.
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    Doom Eternal

    I'm looking forward to the Doom Eternal MP. I loved playing Spy vs Merc in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, I loved teaming up with buddies in ME:3 MP for PVE, Overwatch custom games with 6v1 Boss battles are crazy fun. I can pull out Q3 or QuakeLive anytime I need a real arena shooter. It's...
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    Buzz/hum through JBL active desktop monitors when GPU is under load -- regardless of soundcard?

    Hey, look, it's the same thing that I posted in December. I'd avoid cheater plugs if possible. Get an in-line ground loop noise eliminator if you haven't by now.
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    Do you think we will ever see a Half-Life 3?

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    144 is the new 60?

    I kinda doubt Nvidia paid off some random masters and grand-masters players to astro-turf :) Paid endorsements from professional players are generally disclosed as well.
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    144 is the new 60?

    That thread has multiple masters rank (top 3% of playerbase), multiple grand-masters (top 1%), and a top 500 ranked player posting in it, all in support of fast refresh as a substantial improvement to their game. It's relevant to listen to their experience as some of the best players in the...
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    144 is the new 60?
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    144 is the new 60?

    Higher framerates are going to help better gamers more. Take the Overwatch example someone posted earlier, stating they were SR 2500 (Platinum rank). 90% of the player population is in Platinum or under (ranks low to high: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster), 10% are...
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    What kind of RAM usage you guys seeing? So far I'm seeing utilization of up to 13+GB of system RAM as reported by Afterburner, and about 5.1GB of vid RAM at 1440P ultra.