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    New Aircraft Seats Will Make Flights Slightly More Bearable

    This is all fine and dandy, but the moment self driving cars arrived the airlines are FUCKED. Everyone will get in the car at 9pm and arrive at 8am at their vacation. And you know what, good. Overpriced, poor service, need to show up 2 hours early, nothing is free, RIDICULOUSLY uncomfortable...
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    German Scientists Invent Working Teleporter, of Sorts

    those final 3 "personal" sculptures that were replicated were a mangled mess. The foot looked like it went through a paper shredder. I would be impressed if this was a students project but that's about where my admiration of this product would end.. Maybe in a few revisions lol
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    Macs Vulnerable To Virus That Can't Be Removed

    to be fair, this is already patched. And it is simply a proof of concept, not out in the wild. Oh, and you need physical access...
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    There's no way LED can compare with plasma.... a $1000 plasma looks better than a $4000 LED If you look at a $1000 LED and compare it to a $1000 plasma, it isn't even a contest.
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    How Apple Users React To Every Apple Announcement

    As a person who is directly responsible for many millions of dollars e-commerce, I am quite interested in each individual browsers performance and to call Safari mud slow really is not an informed statement. In terms of getting work done, I can get more done with the terminal program on a mac...
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    How Apple Users React To Every Apple Announcement

    In all honesty, apple products are extremely polished, and OS X is leaps and bounds far superior to windows in practically every aspect other than gaming. Windows has become a completely unusable clusterf*** since windows 8, and Apple understands the concept of merging multiple devices into...
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    Cineplex Charging $3 Extra For The Good Seats

    And this is why i wait for movies to hit streaming/bluray rental. If I stop going to theatres, I no longer "need" to see movies on release day. It's "new to me" effectively, albeit 5-6 months later. ...and I pay $5 plus one or two $1 bags of microwave popcorn, as opposed to $4x15 in tickets...
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    Hoping someone from Texas can answer a question for me...

    I am a Canadian who might be moving down to Texas since my better half might have a new position there. Question: How is the internet, specifically in the Houston area? Furthermore, how is the gaming scene down there, any big LAN's etc? Thanks in advance. Bonus question: do you find the...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    8800 GTX SLI hands down. Great cards... So many games of supcom... One broke after 3 years and EVGA upgraded me to gtx 260 sli for a bonus round on the same dollar haha
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    The Paper Printer Will Be Dead in Four Years, says IEEE

    As a business owner, all I have to say is: ya, right. It is no equivalent to the simplicity of marking up a piece of paper in a board room with colleagues. Ipad and sharpie don't exactly mix!
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    290x & V-sync = STUTTERING galore!!

    PM'd you Sam, filling it out now
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    290X CF setup not working - please help (X58 users?)

    Ya my 580 sli was flawless, as was every other nvidia product i had before it. Considering selling the 290x's, so I can get back to gaming and not tweaking the everloving shit out of every little setting
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    290X CF setup not working - please help (X58 users?)

    Just FYI, the cards are exhibiting "coil whine" - one much worse than the other. I swapped to a MSI Z87-G45, 4770k and Corsair AX1200 and it made no difference. So clearly, mobo, processor and power supply make no difference to the whine. So that's the latest "what now" development lol... I...