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    FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Payments

    I believe its about payment for the review, not getting it for free.
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    NVIDIA and its own Eyefinity?

    thats 1000 dollars, still quite a bit. ;) :p
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    NVIDIA and its own Eyefinity?

    I like the idea of EyeFinity, but if you look at the pricetag associated with it right now it doesnt make sense since it will cost more to get a 6x24" setup than it would for your entire top of the line computer.
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    Most High-Tech Cop Car Ever

    Seriously... what about the Carbon Motor's Cop Car??? im pretty sure thats more technologically advanced.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    Nah, i was talking about the one for press that i saw kyle walking into.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    How's the press conference going?
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    BSoN: GF100 (GT300) specs

    What revised specs? Only diff is that the mem controller is 384 instead of 512 and that was merely a size issue.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    Yeah. 3D pictures and Video. Im here and its quite full.
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    EVGA 780i: Wierd RED Alien text on POST

    Have you tried running one stick of memory at a time? Run memtest on each? Theres a possibility it could be your RAM or your BIOS. I would recommend testing your system memory before i suggest a BIOS update.
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    Small System Builders to Ship PCs with W7 Before Oct 22

    I saw this, its a pretty sweet deal for the smaller companies and potentially helps them get a jump on sales over the gigantic dells and hps. Although, im sure HP and Dell are less than excited.
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    Xbox 360 ‘Project Natal’ Gets Major Publisher Backing

    I don't necessarily see why its forcing you to switch over?
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    Weird xbox 360 issue.

    Nvm. My dad tried to help me crimp the cables and he messed up. i re-did it and all is well.
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    Weird xbox 360 issue.

    So i recently bought a 360 and set it up today. Hooked it up to the network, and it doesnt connect to the network. Fine. Then i take the laptop, hook it up to the very same connection and it works. I don't understand what i'm doing wrong. When i run all of the tests, it fails every single one...
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    just got a new xbox jewishmafio.
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    Why cant we...

    Im sure it has... :( i mean, if they're going to remove the edit button there why not remove it everywhere? why is the news section so special? because people constantly argue? but isn't that everywhere? Thanks.