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    nvm, please delete

    nvm, please delete
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    8TB HDD - 5400 or 7200?

    Large 5400rpm drives are faster than that man
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    How to wipe large drive over 3TB?

    I use ActiveKilldisk all the time with large drives. You probably just need to update.
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    Pc feels sluggish

    Post entire system specs
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    Dell XPS 9700 — can i use liquid metal?

    I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I read reports from people saying it was a bad idea for a mobile device. If there are people here who are doing it successfully though without the liquid running and causing issues, I might consider it.
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    When are we going to get beyond 5tb in the 2.5inch form factor - what is the hold up?

    If things continue the way they've been going, I'd expect the 4TB and 8TB SATA SSDs to be much cheaper next year. Then you won't have to deal with SMR either.
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    Plundervolt "fix" disables undervolting at BIOS level - any way to reverse?

    It's definitely worth doing even if modding the bios is what it takes. Instead of throttling to 2.9Ghz on my XPS 15 on all cores from hitting 99c, I now get 3.7ghz fully loaded on all cores while riding smooth in the 70-80's. I was able push it further to get 3.9 on all cores at the same...
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    Get speedfan working on Dell XPS 15

    Thanks man I will check that out
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    Get speedfan working on Dell XPS 15

    I found this and it works. Cool I put it back to normal though. I think the undervolt is good enough for this machine.
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    Do you think we'll get a fall refresh of XPS17?

    I was interested in the Lenovo X1 extreme gen3 later this year, but now that this is out, I think I might get this next. Especially since they recently increased the travel distance of the keyboard, it's still not thinkpad keyboard worthy, but it might just be good enough while everything else...
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    CPUs are pretty robust these days
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    Get speedfan working on Dell XPS 15

    Anyone know how to get Speedfan working on the Dell XPS 15? Even in Dell performance mode, the fans take too long to spin up.
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    Plundervolt "fix" disables undervolting at BIOS level - any way to reverse?

    Thanks guys. My Dell XPS 15 feels much more like a desktop now. I was lucky though, I didn't have to install the mod in this case, all I had to do was reset the bios to factory settings and the voltage unlocked. :D
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    Thumbs.db:encryptable - How to delete in Windows?

    Just modify the parameters for use for files.. It's all in the page. Yeah, unlocker is great.
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    I thought the same thing lol