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    FX-8320 vs FX-8350

    With my similar CPU and graphics card in my sig I run BF3 al high with silky smooth framerate. I'd upgrade your graphics card to AT LEAST a HD 7850 as I had to move from a HIS HD 6870 Turbo to get decent framerates!
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    FX-8320 vs FX-8350

    I'm not going NEAR that CPU and I don't think there's anything miraculous about a 25% overclock from a 95W CPU in a 125W rated board!
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    FX-8320 vs FX-8350

    I'm interested in the FX 6300, 6350, 8320 or 8350 myself. I've just moved from a Biostar TA890GXE to an A880GZ for AM3+ future proofing. Currently I'm at 4.0GHz with a Phenom II x4 960T but unsure of which way to go seeing as it's a budget board so VRM issues will be present I suspect! Any...
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    No Xbox Blu-ray Drives….Period

    and where I am in N. Ireland, virgin mediocre throttle your DL speed if you go over a certain amount so even if we were to get the "upto 50MB/s" as advertised we'd get someway through the film only to have to wait for FREQUENT buffering :mad: Methink M$ need to give virmin a good kick in the...
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    2+-year-old Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus works great on HD 4850

    Got her on, had to use a couple of motherboard standoff washers on the back of the card as the long screws that go through the card from the cooler prevent me from winding the retaining nuts on with a screwdriver; I thought the card felt very thin, good old GeCube eh?! Tried a 92mm...
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    2+-year-old Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus works great on HD 4850

    I've just received my Sytrin Kuformula VF1 Plus from Shiny hardware via fleabay. It cost me £15 inc postage and unfortunately feautres Ni plated Cu so I'll be lapping that off when I get me a glass block to ensure I have a flat surface! I'll report back with my own temps; I'm not gonna mess too...
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    Hope at last: DFI to make mATX crossfire/SLI boards

    YUM YUM! Phenom 9850 and a pair of 4870s please :D
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    Compaq kb-0133 keyboard (top buttons don't work) Help.

    This helped me out as well!
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    Unlock your Radeon HD3870

    Killing yr card! But really, if it won't boot up after you flash the bios and you get the dreaded vga error bios beeps you can plug the card in JUST after powering up then try flashing back at this point. I resurrected a 9800 Pro-XT flash this way (used the wrong bios to begin with!) I just...
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    wow @ my new 3870's temps.

    Which version of atiTool would that be? I was on 0.27b1 but it doesn't see temps on my Club 3D 3870HD :(
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    highest stable 3870 OC

    How are u guys OCing this card in CCC? I can't even get the damn thing to work! Any links to that BIOS? ;)
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    HIS HD3870 Graphics Corruption

    I played it last night fine with the normal 7.11's, unless ATI has added the hotfix to them :)
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    HIS HD3870 Graphics Corruption

    I was playing it this morning on my Club 3D 3870 with everything up full no prob's! Shame I can't get CCC to run, installs fine then refuses to start...:mad:
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    wow @ my new 3870's temps.

    Can I just ask which drivers you guys are using on the 3870? I can't get catalyst running on mine and atiTool shows me a blank Temp graph and I have no option to monitor Temp's! :confused: