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    Backblaze Increases Upload and Restore Speeds, Adds File Sharing and More

    Got the email this morning that CrashPlan is abandoning their Home plans... ETA 14 months until they are all ended. So that's no longer an option!
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    Backblaze Increases Upload and Restore Speeds, Adds File Sharing and More

    I'm wondering as well. Backblaze is slightly cheaper ($50 vs $60 a year) but not sure that's worth transitioning all that data. I am curious about DOWNLOAD speed comparisons between the two -- I've never (/knocksonwood) had to do a recovery so I have no idea how long download TBs of data would...
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    What is a good inexspensive replacement for my HBA's?

    Can I ask what makes the current HBAs (AOC-SASLP-MV8) "shit"? (I'm not disagreeing as I have no idea, just genuinely curious as I have a couple and plotting my next upgrade)
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    Buying XPS 13 -- some build/upgrade questions

    Much appreciated. Sounds like this will be a good fit then. Ordered the i5 xps 13 as well as a 960 Evo to throw in. Looking forward to having a new laptop!
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    Buying XPS 13 -- some build/upgrade questions

    So my current laptop is getting more than a little long in the tooth... Sony Vaio VPCZ1 purchased in 2010, with several white lines on the screen, inability to install Win10 and lack of brightness controls (due to driver issues), and the "J" key works 1 out of 3 presses due to a dog jumping on...
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    Lab-Grown Meat Is In Your Future

    "Those who have tasted these items say they barely differ from the real deal." Many vegans say the same thing about crappy soy products too... I'd still try this though. Also relevant:
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    Star Fox Zero

    I bought it and have played it a bit over a couple days. 1) It does feel like you jump through several vehicles (basically 4 options) in the first couple levels, but that's really just an introduction and after that you're fine. It's almost all the classic arwing which you'd expect. 2) My...
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    Esports League Bans YouPorn’s Pro Gamer Squad

    Though Playboy has thrown money into a variety of series. And motorsports is still filled with scantily-clad women alongside the stars. And IIRC, the ban on tobacco sponsors had nothing to do with the series wanting to cut out that money (as losing that hurt motorsports a LOT), but due to...
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    Humble Audiobook Bundle : R.A. Salvator's Complete Demon Wars Saga $15

    Thanks for the post. Read a lot of his books but not these. I like having audiobooks for road trips.
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    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    FYI coupon says it expires today (YMMV): I just ordered one, though the shittines off their website made me want to kill myself. It refused to complete checkout on Chrome. Then in Internet Explorer, I had to manually refresh every damn page along the way to get them to appear. I hope only...
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    Two Free Pizzas for buying a $25 gift card (Papa John's)

    Thanks, I'm sure I'll use these by September
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    HP Stream Mini -- any luck reducing fan noise?

    I replaced my custom HTPC with an HP Stream Mini ( : (Discontinued) HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop : Computers & Accessories). I upgraded to 8gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD, Performance-wise, the device works great. At low load, the fan noise is near inaudible. BUT, when load ramps up...
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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    I've been wondering about a setup like this as well. The items you posted looks like they'd work for me (as I could use optical out), though curious as your original post said you wanted to do it via HDMI out.
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    Smartphones Don't Kill Pedestrians, Cars Do

    Even beyond your highlighted section, that statute does not even come close to what bomni alleges it says. The "yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a marked crosswalk or at an intersection with no marked crosswalk" is far more limiting and is doesn't apply, for...
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    Free Chipotle Burrito

    They didn't charge me extra for guac when I went. I didn't see any exclusions on the coupon. This is the time to load it up with double meat, guac, and anything else you can think of :p