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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    Well it was the bios not being updated. I used flashback and it booted right up. Great lesson learned for future builds. Thanks everyone that made that suggestion.
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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    But not if the board doesnt power on Im assuming. Im not seeing any q codes when trying to turn it on. I should be seeing q codes stating missing cpu and ram right?
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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    To accomplish this the board would need to boot correct? Right now Im getting no Q codes, fan spin, ect when pushing the power button or jumping it. The board is getting power because the rgb lights on the board are lighting up. Im not mistaken by thinking the board should do this even...
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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    Im using a Corsair RM750x with no cpu or gpu in the motherboard. It cant be drawing too much power. Ive tried a second known working power supply with the same results. Its not the PSU at this point.
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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    I jumped the power supply and it kicked on no problem. I am 100% sure I shorted the right pins on the motherboard. I already own one of these and it works fine.
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    Asus X570-e wont power on

    After finally getting a 5600X I was able to start building my new system. I'm using a Asus X570-E and it will not boot. I built the whole thing, flipped the switch on the PSU and the rgb lights on the motherboard started lighting up. Went to push the power button and nothing, no fans, no...
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    Definitely. I have 7 shucked drives all work great. You will as kirbyrj said use an adaptor or tape the 3v pin.
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    Cooling a closed entertainment cabinet

    AC Infinity makes some items for this purpose. Ive used their fans with good results but not those specific products.
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Its been at $200 previously.
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    YMMV: WD Elements 12TB $186 - Plex Pass Users

    Just tried it but unable to replicate.
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    Found my first MP3 player

    I think the Zune was my favorite mp3 player. I still have two Zune HDs in a draw somewhere.
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    Server in garage in Oregon?

    You could always throw a moisture absorber into it and see how much is actually getting to the components.
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    Tabletop Tablets Are Putting Waiters’ Jobs at Risk

    The law is the law. If they are not following it then someone, ie the employees, should report it. No one elses problem if they don't. How is it an attitude with understanding each person that took a server job understood how the wages worked up front and if they did not like it, why take the...
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    Tabletop Tablets Are Putting Waiters’ Jobs at Risk

    And yet they still will receive minimum wage per the law. No one is forcing them to have a serving job. They chose this profession for the chance of a better wage. This is the reason it is more coveted than say a fast food job. I'm sure some will make the argument that's the best job they...
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    Tabletop Tablets Are Putting Waiters’ Jobs at Risk

    That is not how a tipping job works. Even if a single person did not tip that day the employee would still receive minimum wage. This job is a minimum wage job with an chance to make more with tips. Labor Law posters are in every establishment for you to review. If you had then you would...