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    A somewhat noobe need an opinion using Raid6 file server with Xen I could be wrong, but the way this is worded implies otherwise: "Likewise, a zpool consists of one or more vdevs. Each vdev can be viewed as a group of hard disks (or partitions, or files, etc.). Each vdev should have redundancy, because if a vdev is lost, then...
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    A somewhat noobe need an opinion using Raid6 file server with Xen

    I know nothing about Xen or why you could not do a PCI-E passthrough with your hardware using ESX, but with regards to the actual software RAID itself: ZFS is straight up the way to go for a modern software RAID that rivals hardware controllers in performance and reliability. The only downside...
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    Newbie VM questions

    I am assuming what you mean by "Bypass an OS" is to use VMWare ESXi (Which is itself an OS by the way) instead of Windows 2012? Server 2012, and 2008 R2, etc uses Hyper-V as it's virtualization hypervisor. It is comparable in performance and features to VMWare ESX. Hyper-V runs at the hardware...
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    pfSense on ESXi - Help a noob out.

    Setting the static IP on ESX host as well as client PC did the trick, so thanks for that. For some reason I wasn't sure whether routing would function without the router even with a static IP. It seems obvious now, you'd think I'de know these things given my line of work but eh, learn something...
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    pfSense on ESXi - Help a noob out.

    This makes sense, I will have a look when I get some more time to dive into it, thank you fine sir.
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    pfSense on ESXi - Help a noob out.

    Hey Everyone, Let me preface this by saying I am by no means a networking or ESX expert and this is not a production environment just a home setup. I am slowly attempting to virtualize as many services (file/web serving, etc) as possible for the purpose of power consumption and just to see if I...
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    Problem with Marantz SR4002

    Fixed! Just in case someone else runs into this problem, the solution was to reset the amp by holding down the "S. Speaker B", "ATT", and "EXIT" buttons for three seconds. Somehow this was not documented in the manual, I found it in some dusty old forum. Amp is back to working perfectly again...
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    Problem with Marantz SR4002

    No it's just sitting on a shelf, it has plenty of ventilation if that's what you're wondering.
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    Problem with Marantz SR4002

    Hey All, I have had this Marantz SR4002 for a couple of years now and it has worked absolutely flawlessly until today. We had what I can only describe as a rolling brownout that caused the amp to the turn off and back on a couple of times very quickly. After this the amp will not power on and...
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    OC q6600 G0

    You need to enable host clock control and then adjust the CPU host frequency. Set Performance Enhance to "Normal" instead of turbo. Watch your RAM speed, in my experience RAM gets unstable with an overclock, so you may want to adjust the RAM multiplier down to 667, and then slowly increase...
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    Best Stress Testing Programs/Settings

    I usually get higher temperatures out of IBT then Prime95 which suggests it's better at loading, however I've heard the opposite from i7 owners so maybe it has something to do with the chip.
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    Suitable Gentle Typhoon Replacement?

    Eh... consider ordering from UK, these fans are definitely worth it. I ordered 4 1850s from this retailer and it took 5 days to ship to Canada (takes more time to ship stuff from US) Also they have the fans you want in stock:
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    Need (hardware) Raid Controller advice for RAID5 and RAID10 for SQL Server

    An LSI/DELL Perc 5/i can typically be bought used for around 100-150 and has two channels supporting 8 drives and both RAID5 and RAID10. If you lose the hot spares (not really sure what the point of them is?) you wouldn't need to bother with two of them, although for that price maybe you don't...
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    Low power file server that can torrent?

    I went with a Zotac IONITX L-E (Intel Atom 330 dual core) board, 4gb ddr3 and 4x 1.5TB drives in RAID 5 (with PERC 5/i) for my low power file server that never gets turned off, I use RDP/VNC and only ever have to plug in a monitor if I need to get to the BIOS. The Atom processor is...