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    Windows May update 21H1

    I uninstalled all drivers pertaining to sound and reinstalled and still crackling. Others were talking about 20H2 too. Sorry :(
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    Windows May update 21H1

    Upgraded to 20H2 couple days ago. After numerous issues with sound crackling on my headset I went back to 1909. My yeti sounded terrible too.
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    MSI GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB $299.99

    I paid $265 In August of 2020 for this as a replacement for a 780 Lightning for my sons PC. So glad I bought when I did.
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    Reliable, Quality 10' DP Cable for 4K 175Hz monitor?

    I've had good luck with PowerBear HDMI cables off Amazon. For Display Port they only have DP 1.2 in 10ft
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    That's odd. My G7 32 wakes up just fine and I see the load screen for several seconds so I have the option to get to bios settings
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    I just bought an Open Box from BB . Set it all up grabbed one of my old power cords and Ummmm. Son of a B!$%&. Luckily I saw another Open Box on the site today and will test both before I return one of them. People must not be updating the firmware from Christmas and returning them. Or they...
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    RTX 3070

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    AW3821DW (Nov 2020) with GSync Ultimate

    On sale now for $1449
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    Will look into that. Thanks.
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    Just had my 780 Lightning die from Vram issue on my old pc that my son streams fortnite on. Looking for a comparable card or little better on a 3570k and 16gb machine. Monitor is 1440x900 and possible upgrade in future to 1080p Thanks
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    Which video card would you purchase?

    I know right. Mine Games just fine at 1440P. Even streaming holds it's own just fine.
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    4K Firestick $25 shipped from Amazon for Prime Members (half off)

    Yes these are powerful. I prefer using the firestick to my TV software. So much faster and doesn't error out
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Amazon still has them for $129 right now. Ordered one from there the other day cause it ships free.
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    Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

    Just bought a Killabee 8212. Pretty comfortable for me.
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    Dell 27” S2716DG 144hz Gsync $332 + $150 GC + free shipping

    My panel I don't notice any ghosting either. Also I think if you are using HDMI it can cause ghosting. I myself use DP.