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    Microsoft Begs You to Stop Using Internet Explorer

    But it is the only browser that supports NPAPI on Windows. NVR systems are still using it because they are too lazy to switch to a newer plugin.
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    Software Engineer Fired, Shut Out of Office for Three Weeks by Machine

    I wonder if he could sue for wrongful termination and breach of contract...
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    4K, 144Hz Monitors Reportedly Use Chroma Subsampling When Running in 144Hz

    They don't even mention using Chroma Subsampling on their spec page.
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    4K, 144Hz Monitors Reportedly Use Chroma Subsampling When Running in 144Hz

    Great. Thought we only had to deal with this crap with TVs, now we have to deal with monitors not providing us a lossless image.
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    TRUE Surround Sound Headphones Are Finally Here

    This isn't April Fools joke because it doesn't have an Easter theme!
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    Nintendo Wii, GameCube Games Come to China on NVIDIA Shield

    I hope it is running native on the Shield. It would be great if they allowed owners of Shields to be able to play those games outside of China.
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    Siberians Are Using Bitcoin Mining to Heat Homes in the Winter

    My gaming computer does a decent job of warming my room in the winter time, however I still need to occasionally use a heater if I am not gaming on it.
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    OFFICIAL : GTX 970 SETTLEMENT check thread

    I got my nvidia check 2 days ago.
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    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    Well if he tells the company, they will demand the code and then with put him to more challenging work or fire him since they don't need them anymore.
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    Cox Argues That Pirates Shouldn't Lose Internet Access

    What happened to innocent till proven guilty? With these rights companies, they can accuse everyone of piracy without adequate proof and punish innocent people.
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    Audeze Makes $2,495 Earbuds Only an Audiophile Could Love

    Might as well suggest these people buy a Diamond HDMI cable as well.
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    ASUS ROG AMD Ryzen Laptops Coming

    Waiting on Raven Ridge CPUs and hopefully a good Asus B350 ITX board,
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    FLAC was always a better option than MP3. Audio files have always been small so it is stupid that we don't have everything lossless.
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    Rumor Mill: Intel Core-i9 CPUs to Appear Soon - Lots of Cores

    Sounds like AMD has them running scared and now they are overcompensating.