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    Anyone tried 2990WX with Windows 7 x64?

    From AMD: *OS Support Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition RHEL x86 64-Bit Ubuntu x86 64-Bit *Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer. I have a 2990wx running Ubuntu. I could test Windows 7 for you, but you need to give me a good reason. What is the use case for Windows 7?
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    Anyone tried 2990WX with Windows 7 x64?

    Do you mind if I ask why anyone would run a 2990wx using windows 7?
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    I went ahead and got one. Looking pretty solid on my linux gpu passthrough config (within 5% of native from what I can tell).
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    Right now GPU Passthrough is a bit easier (or at least it feels that way). We're getting damn close, though!
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    I'm running Ubuntu as my primary OS with a windows VM for gaming / webex. We will see how this does. Super excited about sr-iov possibilities.
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    Four days after launch, AMD's Radeon VII is still not widely available

    I went ahead and bought one this afternoon from AMD. Although, I am waiting for the final order details and shipping notice still. Anyone have any idea how fast/slow AMD is at processing orders? (email said up to 48 hours to process. oof.)
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    Sounds like it will have enterprise virtualization / sr-iov... Curious to hear what your rep says.
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    Just pulled the trigger for this reason. If I don't like it I probably still get a +ROI anyway.
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    MSI RTX 2070 $444.99

    Should be for this link: It's a good deal if we didn't have to worry about the defective RTX problem. I still think there is something majorly wrong with RTX cards. I was going to bite on this, but I am going to pass this gen...
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    Radeon VII: Buy first, read reviews later

    Yeah same thoughts on my end. I really, really wanted this card to be amazing but it is disappointing right now. Apparently the media drivers were a disaster as well. Oof.
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    [H]ard doing a Radeon 7 review?

    I hope someone can run this in GPU passthrough on a VM to see if they fixed the Vega reset bug. I doubt Kyle has time, but it would be nice to know...
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    Malfunctioning Networking Card Led to Huge CenturyLink Outage

    From what I understand, a lot of the ISPs use their own home grown monitoring solutions. Sounds like a major SRE team fail.
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    Looking for a bare minimum GPU for Ubuntu

    Check out the used market. I got a used 1050ti for $100 and it is smooth as butter on my Ubuntu workstation. They might even be going for sub $100 now.
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    So far I have had no issues (bought it at the end of June) and I use it 8+ hours a day. I've used both DP and HDMI inputs. Not a bad deal for the $290 I paid. Obviously if you look at refurb reviews you can see it is sometimes a crap shoot, but for the price you can't really complain.
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    Financial Info Leaked in Newegg Data Breach