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    How is Intel Beating AMD Zen 3 Ryzen in Gaming?

    Anything to save a penny.
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    Windows 10 is getting a modern Task Manager for your games.

    Not that I've found so far. Gets security updates every now and then.
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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    Bought a R3 1300X bout a year an a half ago on ebay for less than the price of a 1200 at the time. Two months ago, buddy of mine offered me his R5 1600 for $50. I couldn't say no. Sold the 1300X for damn near what I bought it for. Did I need 6 cores? Not really but, was to good a deal to pass up.
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    Recapping and testing a Mac SE/30 motherboard

    I enjoy that channel but, why's this in tech news?
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    Mythbusters host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

    Honestly, for 49, he looked great.
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    Honestly not a bad route. I always see everyone reccomending some high end hardware for the most basic tasks anymore. I think it all comes down to each users specific use case. I'm currently sitting on my "budget" Ryzen. Does EVERYTHING I need and plays pretty much any of my games anything at...
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    Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard

    Only thing that will ever replace the mouse and keyboard is true brain interfaced virtual reality.
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    3700x $285 eBay bin

    Closest for me is 100 miles north. So 200 mile round trip. Even driving the car (30mpg+), i'm lookin at $10-$15 in gas (depending on price of the day) and probably about 4 hours of my time if i don't stop anywhere else. So... yea.
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    Ryzen 7 3700X Trades Blows with Core i7-10700, 3600X with i5-10600K: Early ES Review

    Anyone think this will happen? I was gonna grab a 3600 or 3600X soon but I may very well wait.
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    Capture Carbon in Concrete Made With CO2

    Working in an industry that allows me first hand views of rail transported coal. I can pretty much agree with this. Most of what moves by rail out of the Appalachian region is either metallurgical (for coke production) or export.
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    Facebook has a neural network that can do advanced math

    We'll be on to something when they can tell you before diarrhea hits.
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    Intel Core i3-9350KF Review: Coffee Lake's Stagnant Waters

    I think 4 cores are fine, based on your usage case and the amount of money you spend. My $60 Ryzen 1300X (was cheaper than the R3 1200 at the time) does everything I need. That obviously doesn't apply to everyone.