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    Corsair HS1A headset poor cable quality!

    My HS1A started having sound issues in one of the ears, like a part of the sound being muted, and apparently this is an issue with all of them as I've seen threads on the Corsair support forums with the same thing. So I did what you did and bought a DT 990 Pro to go with a Soundblaster...
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    Best headset?

    I have the beyerdynamics DT 990s and they are awesome, best headphones I have ever had and they work great with CMSS 3D. The sound quality is better than my old Corsair HS1's by a good margin and it still has the excellent sound stage with cleaner bass. Very good positional audio. Will not...
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    Dell U2412M

    Keep up with your observations 10e, we all definitely appreciate your work.
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    Samsung S27A850D - my impressions

    I think it depends on the person. I have the aforementioned Dell and the AG was quite jarring at first on white backgrounds but my eyes have gotten use to it. I still see the fuzz but it isn't as bad as when I first got the monitor.
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    Dell U2412M

    It really depends on what you are coming from. I came from a glossy Samsung TN panel and while the colors don't pop as much, it is much more accurate. The blacks were better on the Samsung but I can distinguish colors alot better now on the Dell. I have yet to notice any ghosting during my...
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    Dell U2412M

    I just got mine. Coming from a glossy Samsung TN I do notice the AG on anything white. Colors are fine but anything stark white you can easily tell. Whether this bothers me on the same level as reflections or more I do not know yet. Going from 22 inches to 24 inches, 1680x1050 to 1920x1200...
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    Dell U2412M

    IPS Panel aside, 10e has actually done testing on it and is saying it compares favorably to one of the best IPS monitors out there, the NEC 2490WUXi2, which retails for a heck of a lot more and does not have an "e-ips" panel. Like NCX, I wish this thing had a glossy version as I just love...
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    Dell U2412M

    10e was talking about the BenQ PVA screen he sold to his friend. The info is looking good, keep the impressions coming! I'll wait on the Samsung 24 inch PLS to come out to compare but it looks like this might be my next monitor until the OLED monitors come out.
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    ASUS ML239H IPS Panel LED BackLight

    They need to stop with that red line but it is less obnoxious. Should be a winner right with the ASUS 24-inch version having a less harsh AG coating compared to its competitors?
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    Doublesight DS-245V 24" 1920x1200 IPS

    No, I think your initial impressions and the hideous logo was enough for me. I'll try my hand at more known quantities with professional reviews. Hopeful for Samsung's 24-inch PLS but that thing won't be coming out anytime soon. I wonder if I should just wait it out until we get affordable...
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    Best Gaming Headset Suggestions (Must Include Mic)

    I would. Haven't had any issues with sound other then an early problem with the Sound Manager program which kept on closing/not opening on me. For some reason it doesn't do that anymore haha. Also, Witcher 2 is not playing nicely with it. Can't hear any sound with that game. Works on...
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    Doublesight DS-245V 24" 1920x1200 IPS

    Price is around $380 for Amazon Very, VERY tempted to pick this up now.
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    Best Gaming Headset Suggestions (Must Include Mic)

    I have the Corsair HS1As and they are great for gaming, ok for music. The Dolby Surround Sound feature is awesome. Mic is apparently on the quiet side according to friends/reviews.
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    Is new Samsung LN32D550 good as PC Monitor?

    Yea, that LG has terrible black levels but everything else is good, which makes me :(. Please PLEASE let the Samsung PLS monitors be good.
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    32" - 37" TV(monitor) Recommendation

    I have that tv. As long as you get the IPS panel, you will be fine. For a tv, it works good as a monitor, just beware the blacks are absolutely dreadful but the colors are really good and input lag is minimal. The tv does have panel lottery though.