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    Oculus Quest 2

    For those of you that have tried the prescription lens addons: did you get the blue light filter and does it affect the color of the screens?
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    Installing the world’s worst video card

    As a former owner of a Diamond Stealth 2000 S3 virge 3d accelerator card, i can confirm that was indeed the worlds worst 3d card,....but if you turned off the 3d and loaded Descent with glide.....mmmmmmmm.
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    did you get this test message?

    did you get this test message?
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    George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

    insufficient, you would also need to throw in some Bistromathics and a super large "Sombody elses problem field"
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    Man Gets RFID Chip Implant Live at Mobile World Congress

    blablabla "mark of the beast" blabla
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    "Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

    Ah yes......Hey i still have both of my Kali keys, who wants to get a game of Descent, Mechwarrior2, or xwing vs tie fighter? message me your Kali handle, Mostly_Harmless is mine
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    Microsoft Commits to Providing the U.S. Military Access to All of Its Technology

    Pft, yea sure you create a utopia (except for the part where all restaurants are taco bell) where there hasn't been a Murder/death/kill in decades and then some corrupt leader fills a hibernating Wesly Snipes's brain with combat info and police are completely unprepared to deal with it so they...
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    Microsoft Commits to Providing the U.S. Military Access to All of Its Technology

    Read any history any of them....pick ANY period/society in history....litterally any one.......there has NEVER been a time/place where mankind managed to not "do" evil. i mean really? are you that unaware of the human condition.....this is a given...a constant.
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    Bing Flags VLC's Official Site as Dangerous

    Terry Pratchett, never thought i would dig an author more than Douglas Adams, but i gotta say he was better by a long shot. i wish he had written 50 more books before he passed.
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    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    Sounds like you have never been to east TN. There used to be a Sprint store here that could not get service in the store, you had to go a ways out in the parking do you sell phones????? damn good salesman.
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    Dutch Police Can Remotely Recover Autonomous Vehicles with the Thief Inside

    Yea this cant be exploited or anything......pretty girl gets in car......pervy hacker takes control of driven right to his house and into his garage......pretty girl never heard from again......Trafficked in 30 min or less or your next ones free.
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    Questionable "PC Classic" Console Promises Major '80s, '90s DOS Games

    does it come with a differently configured autoexec.bat and config.sys file for each then i don't want it, not nostalgic enough for me. 640k...blablabla
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    C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

    but i still have a working one of these (with USB adapter of corse)
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    C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

    I second both of these posts.