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    EVGA SR-X Dual Socket 2011 Motherboard & Power Supplies

    Well it was just a matter of time till a new one of these mobo's was released i guess. Now all i need to do is find and buy a case that can take it.
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    Cooler Master HAF X or Storm Trooper?

    I just bought and built my new Z68 system using a spanking new Cooler master Storm Trooper, what a beaut m8, right. And it's huge, soooo much room inside, it just looks awesome. If i had the money, i would of liked to of bought the very new Cooler master Cosmos 2 Ultra, way too much at present.
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    This is a very thorough review of the said case.
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    LG L246W

    My L245WP has just died, and i am sooooo over the moon, what a damn crap monitor from LG it has been.
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    CM Storm Trooper Case Missing POWER LED lead?

    I now have a positive outcome. Quote, The power lead that you are looking for is a 12 volt MOLEX black in color with two wires connected to it. The Molex wire originates from the control box in front, where the controls are located. It is easy to overlook. It almost looks like a fan...
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    CM Storm Trooper Case Missing POWER LED lead?

    I just finished connecting everything in said case right upto the POWER LED cos it's just not there?. I have just made this same question on another forum and the tech guy on that thread said he just checked his sample and agrees with me, said he will contact Cooler Master about it and get back...
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    Corsair AX750 for dual 560ti, 570 or 6950?

    I found this site really informative regarding the questions above.
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    BenQ new VW2420/EW2420 VA panel with LED backlight.

    Still waiting?
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    How far can my old power supply go?

    Much appreciated, thnx.
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    How far can my old power supply go?

    My old PSU is an Enermax Galaxy 1KW, bought new over 3yrs ago, never gave me a problem running in SLi but my Electric bill was always high, i was unemployed for most of the time so it was nearly always on. Now i'm gonna do a new build using an X79 system running 2xGTX 560Ti's so the PSU...
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    BenQ new VW2420/EW2420 VA panel with LED backlight.

    I think this thread should be updated!!
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    Twelve Minutes Of Batman: Arkham City

    Cannot wait to play this, the first was epic. The graphics look awesome.
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    LG L246W

    Did i miss a thread on this, has someone given a detailed post on this and how to do it?
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    Asus Maximus IV Z68 Mobotherboard

    Is this th sexiest mobo there is?
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    ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Z68 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Not only will you be able to connect a single monitor to your system and take advantage of both the integrated and discrete graphics, but you will also be able to utilize both sets of display outputs at the same time so you can connect quite a few monitors to your computer based on the Z68...