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    All the big game reviewers are dumping on this, and the dev's are getting dumped on a lot. But they seem to deserve it. With all the controversy surrounding Ark's price increase, the release of DLC's when the game was buggy, the unfixing of bugs in the base game, and now them reskinning Ark...
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    You're forgetting about Pirates! (though I prefer the original Gold edition, and not the modern remake).
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    X4: Foundations

    I know there are mods that address some of your issues. Regarding your combat comment, I read a number of complaints on Reddit that carriers are a waste, as they can't launch/recover fighters fast enough. Also, people were complaining that Rebirth had better ships/fighting. I have no doubt...
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    Steam Is Banning Sex Games with Young-Looking Characters

    I'm sure the pregnant pre-teens are outliers. But it still happens. And this isn't part of our culture (like the Africa example). The declining birth rates are only among certain demographics though. But teens making babies and teens engaging in sex are two different topics. Let me offer a...
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    X4: Foundations

    I keep restarting games, as I fuck something up and decide to restart. I believe there is an on-going issue right now where new ships aren't being created. And since that isn't happening, it's having a negative impact on the economy. The dev's have stated that the next patch (1.32?) should...
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    Steam Is Banning Sex Games with Young-Looking Characters

    My wife is an RN in an OB/GYN. She sees pregnant 12 year olds. The fact is that in our current society, sex is happening more frequently and at much younger ages than in the past.
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    Fallout 76

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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    I saw a review on this game that states the issue best - people were willing to overlook the issues with the other games, because the players could generally fix them with mods. You don't get that ability in this game. But it's not a game, it's a "live service" as the companies now call them...
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    Diablo 4 comming?

    I've watched a few videos on this idiocy, and this has been, by far, the funniest one I've watched. Decided to share. This guy normally does videos about the Magic The Gathering business, but he's a pretty smart businessman. And funny.
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    Game Developer Revokes Game License over Bad Review but Later Apologizes

    Video rundown of what happened for those who care.
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    Pluto Should Be Reclassified as a Planet, Experts Say

    I'm sorry. Pluto never stopped being a planet to me. Unless it gets woke or blows up, it'll always be a planet.
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    Riot Games Employees Depart after Defending PAX West Event excluding Men

    Riot technically violated Washington law with this. They held a public event, then discriminated based on gender/sex. The company got in trouble for having a "bro culture", and over compensated. I'm glad that the employees that offended the player base (and male gamers in general) were fired.
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    I do all that. Not so much the ad clinking, as I often forget to do it, but the others, yes.
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    I'm abstaining from voting. I'd like to vote NO on principal, but since I don't have funds to donate on Patreon (hell, I can't even replace my 8 year old computer), I don't feel I have the right to really chime in. Do what you need to do for [H], Kyle. I'll still be coming here for my H&B and...
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    OpenAI Bots Smashed in Their First Clash Against Human Dota 2 Pros

    I watched the match. The AI's had some great fights. But then they did a lot of questionable actions, like the DP ulting to farm creeps in the late game or for a solo support kill. And the random sentry ward drops. As the casters stated, in 5v5's, the AI often win the first game, but then...