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    AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor

    In truth, we're beyond the fan boy days. Our modern processors from both camps can eat a lot more than is thrown at them. It's the software coders that suck. Until they can code, consistently, multi-threaded clients, we're all just in the dark. Because we've anointed Intel better the last ten...
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    AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor

    Pushing the architecture to 5GHz is a tad lame on the face of it... until you stop to consider that the architecture ALLOWS it at all. Then casting aside our fabulous "disnecessity" ( to coin a term ) for 5 GHz, we really should appreciate at least the accomplishment.
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    Woz to FCC: Keep the Internet Free

    It is clear that Net neutrality is in the best interests of American citizens, so relocation shouldn't be a viable option. Though a thriving economy is a necesity, it is the clear that the government's primary obligation is to work in the best interests of its citizens. if it doesn't, there is...
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    Woz to FCC: Keep the Internet Free

    Agreed: retract their monopolies and the idea of charging per site or per byte would never enter their head. I live in China, which gets more than its fair share of criticism for net policies, but no one here would stand for such a scheme. Net neutrality is literally an issue of one's right to...
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    Creative SB X-Fi Titanium HD and Asus Crosshair IV Formula ?

    Just check your owners manual to see what PCI-E lanes are shared on a particular slot, Asus is very good about notating that. I have the M4A89TD-Pro/USB3 from Asus and when I ran my Asus DX souncard in the 4X slot, my internet connection would sometimes drop. After a quick review of the manual I...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Because Corsair is the pinnacle of memory modules. If you want the best, then Corsair is the last word.
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    Looking for motherboard

    Valset has a very good point as to Nvidia's chipset being, in essence, outdated tech. As long as we're talking about that, if I remember correctly the 980A chipset really draws alot more power compared to an AMD-based chipset. In the end, you would be better served by going the AMD chipset route...
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    Looking for motherboard

    No problem, hope it helps. By the way, it occured to me later that the Asus Crosshair Extreme carries the Lucid Hydra chip, which will let you use any combination of GPUs. Besides the exorbitant price, it is more motherboard than 99.9% of us needs. Also, I believe MSI makes an interesting board...
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    My AMD based Build

    Hey AnAngelsDeath, First of all, not to impune Kingwin in any way (I've used their products in the past without any issue whatsoever), but just pick up the Corsair if you have the choice; their reputation and quality are impeccable. Next, get the 1055T: what wasn't mentioned in the discussion...
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    Looking for motherboard

    That appears to be your one and only choice. If you want/need to add USB3 or SATA 6, Asus also has an add-in card you could take a look at, the ASUS U3S6 (Asus page). But do your online research regarding it. Good luck!
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    MSI 890FXA-GD70

    You can seat it in another PCI-E slot (if you're just running one GPU). And I agree with you; after putting a lot of good thought into the board, they go and knowingly cancel the PCI-E x1 slot. Just goofy! I mean, why not situate it just above the primary PCI-E x 16 , a la Asus?
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    China Targets `Foreign Forces' in Web Crackdown

    Well, isn't somewhat legal along the lines of somewhat pregnant? Especially in a land of the rule of law?
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    China Targets `Foreign Forces' in Web Crackdown

    To keep a little perspective, the Bush administration secretly monitored, spied on, American's communications for years. Is that hypocrisy, too? It seems so. It's a little like complaining about the stink coming from a neighbor's toilet when you haven't flushed your own in a few years. Stink is...
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    Asus M4A89GTD-USB3

    Anything new fyshawk? How's it going with the new RAM modules? I once had a similar issue with the Gigabyte GA-790FX-DQ6, and only changing memory modules to either a big boy like Corsair, or something mundane like DDR2-800 worked. The middle echelons were all fucked. Using Patriot DDR2-1066...
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    Phenom II X6 1055T hits Retail in China... Any benchmarks?

    Keep in mind, a lot of the MB vendors maintain production (and sometimes R&D/verification) facilities in China. A quick check of Taobao (like a Chinese eBay) shows four listings, three of which are located in shops in Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province, China). All four are shown as having none in...