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    Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse

    I build the networks for Amazon, Nike, DHL & Geodis. After a few drinks last week, I was talking to randomperson01 at my hotel and was asked what I was doing in Memphis. My response: Designing, building computer networks for robots to put humans out of jobs.
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    New build home

    Always easier that way and follows code. J-hooks make it easy to install. Make sure they leave service loops when pulling.
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    New build home

    Offer still stands, I can come out on a weekend and help you install the equipment and do terminations. Easy enough. Hell, your house would take me about a day to do everything by myself....if that. Get the wiring run during construction and it would be easy. Oh job!
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    New build home Tool less keystones are the shit. There are now a lot of other brands than Panduit in use now. I'd suggest a UPS for the entire rack. Any rush on ordering now? I'd suggest waiting a month for Black Friday. A lot goes...
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    Found this today. Excellent price. Only downside, it isn't brushless. On the plus side, my Milwaukee M18 drill that I use for work isn't either and is still going strong after 6 years...
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    Rigid. Half of our field techs use Rigid. They are relatively cheap, last quite a while and have an easy warranty. Great for home use as well as light/medium use work tools. OTOH, do not discount the 12v Milwaukee setup. Tons of M12 tools and can be found relatively cheap. This is the tool I...
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    Yes it can but get a drill. You don't need the hammer drill unless you are planning on drilling into concrete or tile. A normal drill would do. For home use I would suggest going with Rigid if you have a Home Depot close. After burning out a couple of Dewalt drills at work, I gave up on Dewalt...
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    Elon Musk Claims His Neuralink Microprocessing Chip Will Allow You To Stream Music Directly To Your Brain

    Next up for Elon....The Proctoprod!
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    seti@home coming to an end

    I had forgotten about seti@home.
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    Ripped off on Black Friday

    Rakuten sucks. Worse than Newegg.
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    Amazing Price! Rosewill THOR V2 (Massive) Full Tower PC Case - $59.99 Shipped

    Reminds me of the steel Antec cases we were all using back in the early 2000's.
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    Need Help with price

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    Steam Controller $5

    Saw the thread on Reddit about them refunding people. They oversold the controller.
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    not sure where to put this LOL?

    I saw that too on my amazon. I was going to post it up.