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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    You might need to input a balanced signal?
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    Flat Frequency Response

    I'm looking at basically a realtime spectrum display and sliding olschool eq sliders to flatten the imaginary fit line to within a db or 2. SpecScope: I did everything I could...
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    who else has mechanical keyboard on laptop besides smi?

    I'll build ya a hella desktop for $3k. I'll even throw in a 84-key Choc Mini with your choice of switches that will plug right into your $1000 laptop. Whaddaya say? Problem solved?
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Thanks for that again. Gonna get uncharacteristically chatty here, so bear with me.. I had taken out that 8200hz we were talking about because I thought I was getting too much essing in vocals with some exaggerated high harmonics. I discovered it was OK to add 7-8khz back after checking the...
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    Carmakers Still Trying To Use DMCA To Stop Car Mods

    1. ABS is typically a different computer, a different and independent system entirely (ABS module and sensors) from a flashable Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 2. The stoichiometric fuel/air ratio for gasoline engines is already governed by physics. Any digression from ~14.7:1 results in a...
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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    If you lived in the US, Monoprice would be the way to go.. But realistically, you need to up your budget to get full-range monitors with balanced connections, and a DAC/DI/mixer to send a balanced signal from your PC down the xlr or trs cables. For an electronic music artist/producer, monitors...
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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    You're going to be hard pressed to find 5" monitors that go below 50-55hz, or do well below about 70hz for twice your budget. This means you won't be able to monitor the bottom two octaves of your electronic music... "Imagine Tadpoles" Look at a sub to go with the 5s, or a pair of 8"+...
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Thanks for the good info and informative links. REW seems almost worth downloading JAVA to have a place to drop the .jar...But all I have for mics at the moment is a "singer/songwriter kit" of a condenser and a cartoid pencil through a tube pre>mixer>usb to pc. I'd be afraid that...
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Well put. I have a dual 31-band eq. I set it up with pink noise, sine sweeps and white noise through a spectrum analyzer. LOL, now I need a smiley for it... :D Never knew how good Huey's Thinline Tele sounded on GG&HT until I added some 8200hz to flatten the highs, or how much tighter Ducky's...
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    Talk to me about a no-storage "head unit" for my ZFS arrays ...

    Wake On LAN and automated installers too. :)
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    Logitech - G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Edit: Just saw the Monoprice thread...:D
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    Linux vs FreeBSD?

    OP wants to try out a new operating system, not learn 17 volumes of shit about unix to install FreeBSD and compile X. And then make a choice of desktop environments from 3 or 4 random names offered, each having their own random names for file managers and text editors and other necessary...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    What I was trying to say was, "Don't feel bad about losing that "CFO job" where you had to deal with apartment rent collections. Property management is a bottom-feeding industry that primarily attracts people who have no real skills yet are unwilling to do manual labor or touch things with their...
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    The Future Of Microsoft Depends On Windows Being Free

    Because they're in business to make money. As an aside, there's really nothing wrong with a business charging what the market will bear. Buy the "Full" license for $20 more if it meets your needs better. It comes with at least 8 mobo upgrades and is not tied to a processor. It's what I had...
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    Over 1M People Downloaded Windows 10

    Windows 8.1 Pro boots to Desktop by default, there's a "Windows" button on the taskbar, that's the Start menu. If you don't see what you want, start typing it. You can follow a tree down to what you want if you like, but I just start typing and it always pops up as a choice. Not a dealbreaker...