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    Far Cry 3 Trailer

    Looks good!
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    Duke Nukem Forever review

    Well I think I'll be waiting a bit longer till the price drops.
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    HTC Thunderbolt

    You will want to turn off and turn the phone back on. Sounds like the number is coming from the sim card and not your phone #. A simple power cycle should fix it.
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    The Big Debate: Verizon Upgrade Now or Later?

    Yeah I'm returning my Thunderbolt phone today and think I'll wait for the incredible 2. Just can't handle the battery life.
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    Thunderbolt or Droid Charge?

    Funny I'm actually taking my TB back to Verizon today to get something else. The battery life just doesn't work for me. Turning off features that drew me to the phone in the first place isn't an acceptable solution. I may get a Droid X since they can easily be found free with extended contract...
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    Hulu Plus Going 50% Off This Week?

    Nope, I still wouldn't in spite of NBC not allowing the iPad to stream on their website. Hulu Plus is great for really die-hard TV show watchers.
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    And of course this looks very interesting too...
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    Awesome thanks for the thoughts.... anyone else?
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    Hey all... I'll keep this post fairly simple (and probably a tad bit trite) but, next weekend I'll have the option to upgrade my phone with Verizon's "new every two". I like the Droid and my wife likes the Eris, but with the talk of an iPhone coming around at some point to Verizon and with who...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Pretty much done w/ all my shopping. Won't be shopping tomorrow.
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    DirecTV or Dish Network or Comcast...?

    Thanks for the replys. I too am nervous about how the HD programming will look through Comcast, but it could be worth a shot for sure.
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    DirecTV or Dish Network or Comcast...?

    Hey ladies and gents... looking to get some opinions here. My 2 years with DirecTV is up tomorrow and I'm looking to possibly make a switch. I would consider moving to Dish Network or even do some sort of double-play with Comcast. Here are couple things I'm considering. 1) I haven't had any...
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    Microsoft Launches Windows 7

    Been using it for a couple of months. Glad it is finally out... maybe PC sales will start picking up.
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    FCC Questions in Google Voice App Fiasco Get Answers

    I've been using and enjoying this site for quite a few years, and I happen to have both PC and Mac... while I use [H] primarily for my PC news, I have no problem or care if they post other tech related news. I use other sites for more Apple news, but [H] is a site that will post relevant tech...