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    Divinity: Original Sin Welp, I'm sold. $40 for the Divinity Coop bundle.
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    Win Server 2012 - Downgrade Rights?

    Server 2012 Standard allows you to downgrade your bit rights to any previous version of Enterprise, Standard, or Essentials editions, down to 2003. Kind of hard to run a VM on a physical 2003 server, and everything I've read online points to the virtual licenses being able to downgrade seperate...
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    Here Comes Microsoft Surface Pro, 64 Bits and All

    If this is on Desktop/with a mouse, just right click the Volume speaker in the notification area.
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    So I bought Windows 7 oem from royal discount

    While the mandatory phone activation hasn't happened in my experience, that is an important caution and I hadn't even seen the warning until you pointed it out. My apologies.
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    So I bought Windows 7 oem from royal discount Right from Dell's own website, you should be able to use the key on the sticker to activate with.
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    Windows 8 enable widescreen on basic display driver?

    Been awhile since I've installed an nVIDIA driver... does it extract to a folder on your C:\ drive? If not, you might have to dig around in your temp folder after you start the installation process. (Run > %TMP%) Usually I've had pretty good luck using the Windows 7 versions of drivers in...
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    GoG holiday sale, 475 pc/72 mac games, 50% off til Jan 3, Duke Nukem free for 48hrs.

    Dosbox most likely. There was an infamous bug in Quest for Glory 4 caused by CPU speed, and the VGA version of Quest for Glory 1 also had some animations tied to CPU speed that were fixed by running in Dosbox and tweaking some of the settings. Both of which are also on sale at GoG. :D
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    Display corruption w/6950 @ 1920x1200 - anyone else getting this?

    I doubt it also, but doesn't hurt to throw out as much info as you can when you're the odd man out. :D I would have tried with an HDMI cable to see, but my 2412M is DVI and DP only.
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    Display corruption w/6950 @ 1920x1200 - anyone else getting this?

    Single Twin Frozr II 6950 and Catalyst 12.10 isn't giving me any issues with just the 1920x1200 hooked up. No text corruption or rainbow effect, even when I change my resolution to 1080p and then back to 1920x1200. This is on Windows 8 Pro x64 with a DVI cable.
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    Display corruption w/6950 @ 1920x1200 - anyone else getting this?

    Using 12.10 with MSI Twin Frozr II 6950 2GB in crossfire with a 2560x1440 display and a 1920x1200 display without any issues. When I get home, I can pull the second card and have just the 1920x1200 hooked up to see if I get the same issue you are.
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    Whos buying a a W8 Tablet?

    I agree, it was a really awesome idea in concept but I absolutely hated typing on the thing. My brother, on the other hand, didn't have nearly as much of a problem with it as I did. I didn't play with the Type cover, but I don't think you can fold it behind the Surface like you can with the...
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    I should drink less (Old!) is what I've had luck with the one time I was in your situation with a client's computer. As to what you'll be able to save after installing an OS over it, that's entirely dependent on your luck.
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    Win 8 Speedstep with OC Not Working

    i5-2500k OC'ed to 4.5ghz on an Asus P8Z68-V/Gen-3 and throttling is behaving as expected on RTM.
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    Degraded RAID 1 - can I disable the array and try booting....

    Sounds like you're using onboard RAID, so yes you should be able to disable RAID in the BIOS and try booting into Windows. Just make sure you stay plugged into the same controller like kac77 mentioned, otherwise you might get Windows throwing STOP 0x7B errors at you and rebooting. Since...
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    Whos buying a a W8 Tablet? Anandtech's review of the Microsoft Surface which is running RT shows about 7GB used for a fresh install. Running Windows 8 on my home PC, installed since July 25 my Windows directory is 14.1GB on disk and Program Files+Program...