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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    25% off Axim Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: B8C8TNQLJ0SF2M
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    Holy Moly Dell 2007WFP for $160!

    if i could stick up my middle finger right now for making me green eith envy, so help me God will I do it! :D
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    Holy Moly Dell 2007WFP for $160!

    someone shoot me... why o why did i miss out on this deal
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    ThermalTake Mambo Case $9.99 AR @ New Egg

    thought it was a great buy. then shipping costs come into view. i guess im heading to frys fro that super lanboy case instead
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    Prefered laptop manufacturers

    asus for the best all rounder if i wanted something for portable, the neweer dell xp120 something i forgot. supposed to be only 3 pounds with an x1400 in it if i read correctly and 12 inch screen
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    Got infected with spyware, adaware keeps crashing

    if its a major infection my rule of thumb is that if there is a huge difference in performance, im just going to reformat everything. i take a minimalist approach in my programs so there is very little installation of programs in my pc
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    Looking for a Big Case

    giosh, thats a close copy. i wonder what ever happend to copyright infringement? but yes, the stacker is your daddy
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    Join The Dark Side, Build An Intel Rig! (Intel Owners Post Your Rig Here!)

    FIne I'll bite too P4 3.4 EE ES with xp-120 and a panaflo 120 mm 4 x 512 mb OCZ pc3700 EB MSI NEO2 -PFISR Cooler master stacker Audigy 2 ZS plat 2 200 gb seagate 7200 rpm drives 2 74gb raptors in raid 0 array 2 nec 2500 dvd burners bfg 6800 ultra Logitech Z-680 Antec Tru 550
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    A free video card!!!

    lucky... if it were me, my conscience would bug the crap out of me and force me to at least call the guy
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    Windows Game advisor!

    2% with an EE. hmmm i wonder how. oh well
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    eluminx keyboard - new is better

    you do realize that having a wireless keyboard with all leds running full zip would drain the betteries in... say a day or two if run for 48 hours?
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    which case i should get? CM Stacker or Antec 180?

    stacker. mainly because it has so much potential for modding. disadvtage is the HUGE size and weight
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    I had the pleasure of using a 3.2EE today

    im using a 3.4 ee es right now. not as fast for gaming as the amd chips but for multi tasking and encoding, im not disappointed in this.
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    Unstable 3.3v - How do i fix?

    seriously... if i were you, id get another psu. i wouldnt depend on a cheap psu if my rig depended on it. correct me if im wrong but ive never heard of levicom and it could be that this psu is server class stable