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    Locking eSATA cable?

    Yikes, what a mess! Looks like we have type "I" and type "L" SATA external connectors along with eSATA. Check out some pics here. No locks on any eSATA.
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    Locking eSATA cable?

    You mean like these?
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    Updating Sandisk SSD Firmware

    I'd be trying the Intel chipset drivers and enable write caching and disable the write-back buffer.
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    IDE to AHCI

    What MB? What controller? What version of Windows?
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    Wait.. SSD through external is slow??

    What drive are you using?
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    Newegg finally gets it?

    Agreed, but the proof will be in the pudding. Let's wait and see what the difference is on Newegg DOA drives. The sheer amount of threads should drop substantially.
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    Never said it did.
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    I used the two I had for RAID0 and they were so freaking bad that I sold 'um after two days. The guy who ran OCZ at that time was nothing but a shyster salesman who used deceptive performance testing tactics and confusing model names in an attempt to disguise the fact that some used lower...
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    840 EVO 250gbx4 LSI 9266 4i seems slow?

    You won't get great performance they would be capable of without the FastPath option.;)
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    do ssd still stutter?

    You musta have worked hard at that. LOL! I've had 5 of them and they never hung. The earlier models from any manfg had many flaws (and I had some of them) but Intel's controller and firmware was a major leap forward. The OP is wayyyyyy behind the times.
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    Trying to set up Crucial M500 encryption

    These are the type of things that can be put on an encrypted USB stick with along with other programs. Doesn't seem to me you need the whole drive encrypted and like I said before, it can lead to major problems......especially if you don't have backups. I've commented enough on your...
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    Trying to set up Crucial M500 encryption

    Pretty simple answer. Read about it on the MS website or Google bitlocker+windows+8. I'm sorry but there's way too many that have no real legitimate need for any encryption other than over-paranoia. While you didn't disclose the actual reasons for your need, unless it's your personal...
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    Trying to set up Crucial M500 encryption

    While I totally agree with ya (I also have hundreds of passwords) I have configured W7 to not save any. I believe an easier solution would be to use RoboForm portable with a nice long pass that includes small/capitol letters along with numbers. But,to each their own. :)
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    My drives are forgeries

    Isolated or not others need to be aware of your experience. I've always had the opinion that everyone deserves all the info they can get to help in the decision making process. A few simple, short, well written paragraphs can only help, not hurt, the general public. I know it's opened...