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  • Also, would be interested in the Sama Forza unit, especially if you are able to shorten cables to custom length (will compensate you for your time of course).
    I'm interested in buying the Andyson review units if you still have them available. Also, if you have contact information for Andyson I would appreciate that as well.

    Are you available for consultation on a startup creating new enclosure designs and sourcing of PSUs?
    Hi OklahomaWolf,

    I wanted to find out about your recent review you did on the Lepa G1600 (found here):


    vs. your review of the Silverstone ST1500 you did a few years back (found here):


    What I did here was highlight the Oscilloscope Results page and wanted to find out, which is still the better PSU? I would be great to get your thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon. PunkNugget... :)

    PS - I also emailed this message to you as well. Again, thanks for whatever input you can give.
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