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    Thanks for the great pics you post everyday. It makes my day!

    Thanks for the great pics you post everyday. It makes my day!
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    Got my ROG Swift!

    Congrats on your purchase.I'm very happy with mine.
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    does a motherboard change need a fresh OS?

    Just changed out to a 4790K and ASUS Sabertooth Z97 on the same Windows 8.1 install with no problems.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    This. I have a GTX 780 and use XFactor's settings. Stays at 120.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    Roccat Kone XTD. Works good so far.
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    I'm thinking seriously of getting the Coolermaster model you have.The red switches and tenkeyless is just what I need for gaming. I've owned a Belkin n52te for years and if they came out with one with mechanical switches like you mentioned I would be all over it :)
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    Gaming keyboards without number pads

    How do the red switches feel?
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    SSD question\help

    I have a Crucial M4 128 GB, good drive to have :)
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    Health Issue

    That's great news.Hope your recovery goes well.:)
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    Health Issue

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2009. I don't remember the Gleason score but it was fairly aggressive and my psa was 10.1. I opted for radiation treatments for 9 weeks. 2 years later still doing good. My prayers are with you bro. You will beat this.
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    At the shopping cart with Das Keyboard... continue?

    I would get the Das.I have a Professional Silent model,good keyboard.
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    Das Keyboard

    Bought a Das Professional Silent a week ago,like it a lot.Great for gaming and typing.
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    920 to 970

    Those 2 extra cores would help in folding:)
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    No Options in Nvidia Control panel?

    Had the same problem when I installed the 266.66 driver, gonna try your fix thanks.
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    Sandy Bridge.... Fresh install or just upgrade

    Fresh install works better:)