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    Intel Delivers First Exascale Supercomputer to Argonne National Laboratory

    So, it can run all of the exploits faster.
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    Lazareth Teases a Transforming Hoverbike

    Should be given away by the US gov't to criminals. We would have a sudden drop of crime.
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    DroneClash Turns Counter Drone Research Into a Sport

    TV makes it look exciting with all of the lighting and quick camera changes... But it's actually quite boring.
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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    I own that movie. And it is prophetic. Idiocracy
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    Lithium Ion and many other battery chemicals are toxic as hell. Rather burn fuel for now. Battery tech isn't there.
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    Paramount Is Urging Theaters to Show Ang Lee's New Sci-Fi Movie at 120 FPS

    I can barely stand Will Smith at 24fps
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    Footage Shows a Click Farm in Action

    This is why I no longer have any social media accounts, including twitter, linked in. Any of that shit.
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    Huawei Caught Using DSLR Shots in P30 Marketing

    We are from China, we don't lie, we don't report anything to the gov't. When do the Chinese lie? when they open their mouth.
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    Netflix Brings Dragon's Dogma and Other Japanese Anime to the Platform

    God no. Just more good Sci-Fi is all I care about.
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    NVIDIA Acquires Mellanox for $6.9 Billion

    Guess they are making exuberant profits off of their over priced video cards.
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    Hackers Can Hijack Cars with Alarm Apps

    I just got letters from our HOSPITAL system about our data being breached. Anyone who thinks their info or devices are safe are in la la land.
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    Samsung Offers to Supply Foldable Displays to Apple and Google

    My Poor eyes approve of this. The bigger the better.
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    Suicide Instructions Found Spliced into Kids' Cartoons on YouTube, YouTube Kids

    It would be easy to end this shit with a good lawyer.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I find Star Trek Discovery to be extremely well done. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    This is going to be the lawsuit to end all lawsuits.