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    Rogue Legacy has been released

    I saw this post and picked up the game. I love it. Well worth it. A DRM free copy, and a steam key. You can tell this game was made with the real love, care, and passion.
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    Saints Row IV Gameplay Video

    It's like an elevated inFamous mixed with GTA. Looks very cool.
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    UCLA Professor Lets Students Cheat To Learn

    Interesting read. Being the guy everyone tried to leech off in college, I would have been the one who lead the group, then offered to bring the paper to the professor, and just as I handed it in crossed everyone's name off the page but mine and watched them scramble to get another answer in...
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    Playstation plus- worth it?

    The playstation plus section on the playstation websites contains the current offered free games. I wouldn't know where to find a list of all previously offered free games if that is what you were looking for.
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    Playstation plus- worth it?

    That only applies to the free games. Any games purchased at a discount, other than 100% off or free, are yours to keep regardless of subscription status. But, that is probably what you meant to convey.
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    Best thermal paste right know?

    While I tend to agree, if OP wanted nothing but scientific results he/she could have just googled/searched for reviews on thermal paste.
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    First vid of The Elder Scrolls Online

    As mentioned several times already, all they needed to do was make a game that had co-op. Don't really want to play Elder Scrolls with tons of random people. I would however like to share my world with a few close friends. EDIT: I've also never had an urge to play ES in third person.
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    EQNext" will be the world's largest sandbox-style MMO ever made"

    I'd go back to an MMO that could be played effectively in first person.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    At that point I would have just made it 1.5cm taller. Then four slots would fit and it would support mATX.
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    Green Light Bundle

    They haven't made it onto Steam yet. The sale is to get the games noticed and their ranks up on Steam Greenlight, so they get put onto Steam. When / If they make the cut and get onto Steam, they'll send you a Steam code.
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    Amazon PCDD Square Enix Bundle - Starts Oct. 14

    Worked for me just now, and each game on the list activated on Steam, including those OP wasn't sure about. Thanks.
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    Each of Arkane's games have been a bit clunky and have had outdated graphics. There's nothing new there. That said, each of their games have been some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, even with all the quirks, bugs, old graphics, etc.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I had no problem going back to the gargoyles and having them carry me back to Sen's Fortress. EDIT: Late.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    If you've opened up the shortcut / bonfire right near the exit from the archives to the forest you can just run all the way to him. Sprint to the crystal caves, run down the crystal, turn, sprint around the Crystal Golem. Get to the invisible walkways, learn where they are, and just sprint...
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    Sleeping Dogs

    I like the game very much so far. While the comparisons to GTA make sense, the story and such seems to vibe more with Mafia 2 for me which, content/time constraints aside, I absolutely loved.