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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    VMware Cloud on AWS is expensive. Almost 5x the cost of 'doing it right' in AWS. You can install appliance VMs to pull L3 networks between the datacenter and AWS but you have latency and trombone issues... VMware VMC provides that 'no change' migration to AWS at a cost. The simple vCenter GUI...
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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    Preaching to the choir... trust me. I'm fully versed in what we 'should' do and I wish I had the weight to push things in the right direction. We already have a mature Kubernetes environment and entire teams 'cloud ready' with Azure, Google, AWS workloads. Best I can do atm is learn the...
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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    Assuming the old HardForum Crew still watches these forums... Has anyone, with VMware in a datacenter, started, has started, already completed... a project to migrate workloads into AWS? Google search does turn up some blogs and a list of tools. AWS - at enterprise scale - does come with...
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    Dell T640 - Non Dell parts?

    Awesome, thanks for the quick feedback. Going to hit eBay for some cheap drive caddies and prob hit crucial for some certified ecc dimms. Price is close enough to amazon/Newegg etc...
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    VMworld 2019 Party Badge

    I know its two days too late... But for future VMworlds... You can pay $100 for a 'lost badge - reprint'.... If for some reason you needed another badge.... because you 'lost' yours...
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    Dell T640 - Non Dell parts?

    Posting here because I assume most of the folks messing with 'Virtual' have their hands in some form of Server class hardware... I know some of the folks that post here frequently are Data center guys. (enjoyed VMworld this year?) I run a lot of HP and Cisco/Cisco UCS gear at work. Just...
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    vmworld 2017

    I always start with TAM day on Sunday then sched any PowerCLI or CLI based sessions. Outside of that, I just sched random things that sound interesting then go back after the conference and watch the video. I havn't seen any vExpert or Vmworld Vender Party offerings / Emails yet. Anyone have...
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    What are the latest home lab builds?

    If you plan to do any real "serious" NSX testing and learning you are going to need more than one system. NSX consists of Load balancers, security policies, VXLans, Distributed Routing, and a host based Virtual Firewall for micro segmentation. If you want to learn about the distributed...
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    I'm not sure the context or need for a switch with Layer 3 functionality but I use a Cisco ASA to run my layer three and firewall. There are a lot of options out there to run layer three. If the idea is to reduce network equipment then you can run a Linux VM to provide layer 3. You could...
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    10gigabit | Landing Pages | NETGEAR I run the Netgear Prosafe XS708E in my home lab. I'm able to hit full line rate out of many ports at once so there isn't a lot of over commit on the back plane as many think. It's super quiet if you keep it cool. I have a 120mm fan blowing over it to help...
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    Vmware - vDistributed Switch - Load Based Policy

    For those that scroll to the bottom... I added my break/fix to the top post.
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    Vmware - vDistributed Switch - Load Based Policy

    While the reach of this post might be small, I know a few important ones do read them. Does anyone use Distributed Switches with port groups configured with the Load Based policy and on vSphere v6? If you do....I have reason to believe that you should change to a different load balance policy...
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    4TB WD Red $130 after $20 NewEgg gift card - expired 12am PST 10-18

    Ugh the future needs to hurry the hell up.... I cant wait for the >30TB SSDs to release so the 4TB SSDs will make this $150 Red drive go away. Even after the release of the 6TB RED drives, the 4TB is still stuck at >$150 and we are lucky to see a 10% discount randomly. I have ten of these...
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    VMware View VDI environment -- limited to 2 CPU cores to VMs?

    What is the Guest OS for your desktop? Windows 7 64bit? I'm running Horizon View 6.1. I can select 1 or 2 sockets and up to 32 cores per VM. If I set the VM OS to Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT it only lets me select one socket and one core. Windows 2000 will allow 8...
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    HTPC Under TV Soundbar ?

    I'm looking for feedback if anyone has a TV with sound bar mounted to the wall for their HTPC setup and what Soundbar do you have or suggest? I have a TV with great picture but sound is lacking. My father in law has the Sonos Soundbar and it sounds great. But, for the $600 price tag, I...