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    Predator X34 Owner's Club & Discussion.

    Can you even see the scanlines at normal viewing distance?
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    Acer Predator XB271HU - 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB 144hz

    Yeh I agree, but I have seen him say that at least 100x lol, I agree that grey is better but I do not find black to be THAT bad, backlight bleed, IPS glow, IPS black levels in general are more of a problem than a grey or black bezel.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU - 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB 144hz

    Do you think that black bezels are worse than grey then? I have never noticed you mention about perceived black depth ruining black bezels before :D
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    Samsung 40" JU6500 too blurry...

    Asus PG27AQ is out this month and it has IPS 27" 4K 60hz Gsync.
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    FATASS CASE AIRFLOW ? - 17 fans... (8)120mm, (3)140mm & (1)200mm - Core X9 *PICS*

    Its literally completely pointless having more fans than you need to do the following things : Get enough new air into the case to feed the CPU + GPU + a bit extra for case temp etc. Remove that air before it builds up heat in the case and is not re-circulated by the CPU + GPU. Basically that...
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    ASUS PG279Q 144hz 1440P IPS G-Sync

    That just shows that they COULD release all 90-100% perfect panels... as the reviewers get cherry picked ones. But they don't and just hope people accept some of these terrible panels I have seen on forums etc.
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    Magni 2 report

    Maybe get a Xonar STX, that has a very nice dac and RCA out section, that and the magni should be decent enough for any headphones.
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    MiniDP vs DP - is there a difference?

    Yes the mini DP is smaller. That is the difference.
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    LG 27MB85R-B new WQHD AH-IPS ?

    Is the "LG Electronics 27MB85Z 27-Inch IPS Colour Prime Monitor" the same monitor as this? That is the only one available in the UK, is it the same monitor, but with thunderbolt?
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    Try this audio test

    I got 4/5 first try and 5/5 second try on NAD D1050 + Shure SRH 1540, was not really listening for anything specific except which one sounded more "HIFI" You cannot really try to listen for "flaws" because the flaws are in the recording and will be there anyway, if you listen for clarity and...
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    ASUS PG279Q 144hz 1440P IPS G-Sync

    I don't see the problem with the gamma, it looks like 2.4 BT1886 gamma, which is 2.4 gamma and goes down a bit near black so there is no black crushing.
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    Dell 2715 vs Asus MX27AQ

    Why? What do you suggest? I do not want 4k or 1080p or anything under 27" or anything with input lag.
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    Why people don't care about calibration?

    Yes that was what I meant, if you could just apply a calibration and it worked perfectly with everything then that would be good, but unfortunately it is nothing like that.
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    "Cross-Hatching" is a PRO, not a CON - it is called DITHERING

    Sorry but this is wrong.
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    Dell 2715 vs Asus MX27AQ

    I have not ever had to RMA with Asus before, Are they really that bad? Is Dell better for that sort of thing? Not sure if Dell or Asus is likely to have better quality control, the Asus is £40 cheaper, they both look decent enough, hmm not sure.