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    Quake 4 Ray Traced - perhaps an RPU PPU combo is the future?

    Thanks for the polite critisism. Thats exactly what I meant when I said it may require multiples of that number... But yeah, I was just counting the primary rays. I am making alot of assumptions and I was thinking that much like a GPU has pipelines an RPU could have ray pipelines. It would...
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    Quake 4 Ray Traced - perhaps an RPU PPU combo is the future?

    textures are getting better all the time... but there are different ways of going about things... used to be complex objects required high poly models (at the expense of FPS), but now lots of devs like to use low poly models and use detailed bump maps and textures. The difference is making a...
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    Mobo not booting...Please help me!!

    when you reset the cmos, how did you do it? procedure (to be thurough) 1) power off (switch off at power supply, leave power cable connected, it supplies a ground source.) 2) move reset jumper to reset. 3) switch power supply back to on, hit power button on front (fans should spin for...
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    when in [H] going to do a review of bad aXe2

    so in other words, all the reviews for the previus versions of the board, do not do this version justice? it seems that a LOT of people turn down the bad axe 2 because of problems with bad axe1... to me that sounds like it could be a good point for a review of bad axe2 or atleast a comparo to...
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    Built my first PC, no sound, plz help

    I would remove the legacy audio device and the audio codecs in the add/remove hardware thingy, then go to your bios (not familiar with your bios) and set it to non-windows OS change hardware config to manual, reboot, then set it back to windows OS and automatic hardware config. that usually...
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    what happens if i try to install a sound card while the pc is running...?

    I've done both... I stick my hands into fans all the time... just something fun about things you shouldnt do I guess... I have also unknowingly stuck PCI cards in and pulled them out wile the PC is running... I was trying to decide on locations for PCI cards on a new build, so I was puting...
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    Which physics engine can do a holodeck?

    I've heard that if chuck norris licks your nVidia 8800 it can do a holodeck...
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    PPU's a fad that will never happen?

    yes and no.... yes... they redesigned CPU's to do floating point... no... now they are called graphics cards and ppu's...
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    Which physics engine can do a holodeck?

    I thought it was funny....
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    SLI on 975x?

    I havnt been paying much attention to tech news lately as I've been buisy with school... with the rescent 680i problems I've been wondering if anyone has had any luck with SLI running on intel's 975x platform? It is supposedly possible... I'll never run Nvidia unless it'll run SLI on an...
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    New PhysX PCIe Cards?

    Thats probubly why the pci version is dropping in price...
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    Ageia Lowers Prices

    doesnt sound good to me... the PCI bridge has enough noise as it is, it doesnt need any extension cords making more!
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    without knowing the complexities of any of the internals, I would say why couldnt they make a pcmcia PPU? I know they never will (not soon anyways), but its probubly possible. Lets see if anyone ever makes a PCI-E PPU first?
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    Submersion cooling

    I do that on every car i buy... (before the first time I change the oil) because who knows how the last guy treated it. The ATF seems to take the sludge right out... Oil doesnt wear out. Like you said, it gets contaminated. but yeah, I never did really bother to look up what oil all...
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    Submersion cooling

    no detergents in motor oil... thats why it turns to sludge. transmission fluid on the other hand.... eats oil... so you have actually used motor oil sniper? I'm interested now...