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    -=The official Quantum3D collector thread=-

    jesus, epic thread here... damn it im glad i saw this
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    How can I remove this "view" kinda hard to explain, but look at pic please...

    Circled in my pic is what ive spent countless hours trying to find the option to remove. I just want plain ol classic window, none of this win10 quick link crap..... Please tell me there is a way to remove this "View" ... My other PC right next to me does not have this view, and i cant figure...
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    Far Cry 6

    i gave up on this title....... just fucking ridiculous
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    3090 FE or 3090 FTW3

    any of these cards still available? serious buyer
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    6900XT / 6800XT - Reference vs AIB, power draw potential, cooling, and overall quality?

    Pretty sure im the 1st Asus TUF 6900XT owner using the new alphacool waterblock.... put me 34th fastest on timespy.
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    Far Cry 6

    for fuck sakes, ive been waiting forever for this release..... COME TO MARKET ALREADY!!!
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    I think Im experiencing a bad PSU, please come in

    just to update this thread as I forgot too, Replacing the eVGA 1300 with my new SuperFlower 1300 fixed this issue 100%... Also to note, this PSU is beautiful LOL
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    6800/6900 Overclock Results

    could you be kind enough to post your MPT settings by chance? Im still on air with my Asus TUF 6900XT and have my "watts" set to 325w with MPT, with that said, I can only cool 347w (7% power limit) then hotspot gets to 100c+ and driver crashes card CTD will occur. Hoping when a company finally...
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    6800/6900 Overclock Results

    yes, i saw that on their website and decided to email them anyways with a status update request to see if my 6900TUF would get a block and my response was just send us detailed pics of pcb as we may currently have a block that will work (doubt that) and there is no set time that a block could be...
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    6800/6900 Overclock Results

    agreed. im worried to go any higher myself, as if my J/T approaches 102c or more i get a CTD nearly everytime. Please god let some waterblocks appear for us non ref pcb owners
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    6800/6900 Overclock Results

    MPT works for my 6900XT (asus TUF 6900xt) i raised it to 375watts and the cooling is out of control! Hopefully a fcwb will come out for this gpu for god sakes!! ill edit post with pic of timespy run in a little **EDIT** This is a pic of my 100% stable Timespy pass (multi passes back to back)...
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    So I been running my 10850K at 5200Mhz for weeks,Am I going to degrade CPU

    its the AMPs under FULL LOAD that degrade/kill chips in combinations with voltage and temps. Having a 1.45v idle voltage isnt going to harm a single thing. Ryzen cpus idle @ 1.45+ Voltage to sustain max boost speeds, but drop voltage when amps and load go up. If someone sets a high vcore like...