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    Help choosing new card.

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    Help choosing new card.

    Yeah I love the triple monitor setup,I've been running it since I had tri gtx470 then to 680 sli and titan sli. I don't feel the need to replace the monitors and they are 60hz. I'm ok with the 60hz as long as it's pushing 60 plus frames a second as long as there is no stuttering, which was real...
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    Help choosing new card.

    So I run 7680x1440 with sli titan's. They are starting to show there age and I figure I could upgrade to something faster that uses less power.I play rpg's and the borderlands franchise and need for speed stuff. I have another machine with sli 680's running 5760x1080 and I picked up a 1060 for...
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    I want to make my photography a full time job

    I am going to say I am familiar with the industry and here is my advice. Don't just do it yourself , make a portfolio then find an actual wedding photographer who will take you on as a apprentice or as a second photographer.
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    need lens recommendations (canon)

    Well I'm late to the party but glad you stayed with canon. I was going to recommend the canon 70-200 f4, it's compact and amazing and honestly I use mine more then my 70-200 2.8.
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    I have three ikea jerkers I still love them and currently use two of them. Wish I could fins more shelves for them
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    Do I upgrade video card or a waste of $20.

    I'll throw my two cents in. If you really do have a 6200le there is a good chance it is the 64bit version and even a upgrade to a 6200 would be an improvement, dramatic no but an improvement. The 6200le was a horrible card in it's day. Any upgrade that get's you out of the 64bit memory bus will...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    jerkers are easy to take apart and put back together just go slow when putting them back together so not to cross thread or strip the screws.
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    2x GTX 670 FTW 2GB for 3840x2160? Upgrade recommendations please!

    Wow did no one notice this was started January 2014, think it's kinda old lol
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    Upgrade advice

    Well I did pay 800 for a 2001 jeep Cherokee and I have had it longer then the titans lol But I would say try for the 970 if you can stretch it.
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    Upgrade advice

    was not counting the titan but honestly for long term the titan is a great value, I own two original titans myself. They still hum along running 7680x1440 :)
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    Upgrade advice

    Hated giving up my crt, it was 1600x1200 at 100hz but I got a 1600x1200 60hz lcd then two more and had my first triple lcd gaming on my single AMD 5770 forever ago. Good luck getting what will work best for you. My two cents is buy the second highest end model you can so you get the longest bang...
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    CPU/Vid card

    I like amd gpu' but I always seem to end up back at NVidia. I always seem to have micro stutters or not as smooth gameplay with the amd. So the last amd I bought was a 7950 and it works good just not as good as NVidia. Ultimately either is a good choice. But if you like NVidia I would stick with it.
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    CPU/Vid card

    What has gotten so bad with sli? My sli titans still work great as well a my other 6xx cards. Honestly upgrading your mb/cpu/ram really will not help you much over current gen, you are honestly better off overclocking what you have and waiting till next gen. Not trying to save you money it's...
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    Upgrade to New Intel Z97/X99 Build from Intel P67- Need many suggestions/comments!!!!

    just get a new gpu, you want get much out of replacing you cpu for now maybe more ram