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    NT's randomness FS

    I've got for sale: 1x HP ZR30w, $400, decent condition, one slightly dim spot near the bottom middle edge (photo coming soon, if I can capture it) orig box+styro 1x Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D, excellent condition, slight scuffing on the mounting flange from mounting screws, orig box, 2nd owner...
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    Creepy New Porn App Isn't Bad News For Google Glass

    okayyy.... now I guess its time to finish working on the Home Endoscope Jr.™ kit, so I can make mad bank on etsy. Anyone for preorders?
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Sorry, I guess more details might be useful... I went with kitteh coins because they're quick enough growing that they'll take off well enough, but the source has room for more advanced features, including upcoming support for namecoin's nameid field when using sendtoaddress. Block difficulty...
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I just launched a new Kitteh [MEOW] coin pool @, 1% for general public... 0% for the [H]orde, just send a pm with your pool username or sign up with [H] in there somewhere and I'll flag it. new domain coming down the pipe (waiting on registration/propagation of nameserver...
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    Tablet or minipc/embedded for car audio?

    nothing wrong with uhm, tributes to artwork... yeah thats it...
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    mmmmm, I like the blue tubing, nicely done sir.
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    Holy Crap I feel bad about the things I said about the 1200i

    oo, how nice? I've got an original AX1200, and so far I love it, but its starting to get a little crispy....
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    Lookin for GHZ only for older software

    +1 for intel, more IPC = more efficient clocks, and with certain chips, you can still achieve ~5ghz
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    What Mechanical Switch Is Your Favorite?

    I've used reds, blues, blacks, and one subset of clears (wasd cluster), but so far the blacks are my favorite overall.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    p-p-put your pixels in it. (all links go to thumbs and not bacon!)
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    HPQ Survivors - BF4 Hardcore Server - Houston TX - Offering Preferred Slots for FREE.

    Cool beans, still can't find it on the server browser, but thats ok, battlelog hates canada.
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    fav tower defense games?

    So far I've played the snot out of quite a few TD games, looking for ones I might not have heard of, RPG elements a plus, but w/e, looking for flash or droid types for those boring days at work. Any suggestions?
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    China Outlaws Battlefield 4,

    wasn't one of the original factions North Korea, then they had to change it?
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    Hackers allow streaming games from PC to Wii U controller - Sweet

    yep, the system only ships with one anyways, additional fancypants controllers are couple hundred or so.