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    Tuesday September 11, 2001 Remembrance

    I was working desktop support. Got to work just as they were announcing the second plane hit. None of the major or local newspaper sites could even respond, and we had a link to the Internet that absolutely rocked for the time(T-3). CNN couldn't even keep their page up when they fell back to a...
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    Dell Has No Future Because It Lacks a Public Cloud

    Dell had a public cloud offering a few years back based on VMware vCloud Director. Then VMware came out with a cloud offering of their own based on the same software, and shortly after that Dell shut their public cloud down. Dell bought EMC, and therefore VMware. Why bring out a differently...
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    I'm just not that creative., but it would match any storm troopers that dropped by...
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    Robot That Walks Like A Human

    Walks pretty smooth for not having a counterbalance, at least any I can see, like arms...
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    Microsoft Prepares A Final 'Get Windows 10' Nag Screen

    No Windows Media Center support and Windows Server 2016 still isn't out yet so VMs built under Hyper-V on Windows 10 can't be moved to a release Windows Server version at this time. Everything other than my media center boxes have been upgraded to Windows 10 since the first month it came out.
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    SpaceX Falcon 9 Successful Drone Ship Landing

    Absolutely brilliant outcome! won't be a lot of repair work on the barge like last time...
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    Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

    I do agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly, but the amount of FUD being thrown about at what is required to avoid the upgrade is astounding. Like MS has never required at LEAST one licensing confirmation page on every piece of software they install... MS should have, at the very least...
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    Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

    How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options Simple version: Making a text file with the following, rename its extension to .reg and import it with the latest version of the Windows 10 upgrade update for your OS installed...
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    2 wired networks on one computer?

    If you only need to talk to hosts on one of the two networks and not reach across to anything else, just use a static IP on that network and don't put a gateway IP on that NIC. No manual messing with routing tables required. Multiple NICs that all have gateways, the easy way to handle it is...
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    Do you still use windows 8/8.1 ?

    Because Windows 10 doesn't have Windows media center, and using Classic Shell with the logon to desktop option for windows 8 turned on doesn't suck. :) Windows 8 has a lot of internal design advantages over Windows 7, especially in regards to storage, software security, and virtualization...
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    Microsoft Accused Of Releasing 'Worst Patch Yet' For Windows 10

    Interesting that the original article mentioning the issue being a Windows 10 update issue when it was actually an Office 2016 patch issue, and it affects any OS with Office 2016 with a particular update installed hasn't been updated at all. The only place the "writer" acknowledges the...
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    These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead

    Buzzword fest with no real analysis. Acts like there aren't any downsides to moving everything to the cloud and doesn't consider the effect of the Safe Harbor provisions being pulled.
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    Microsoft's Project Sonar: Malware Detonation As A Service

    Sounds like MS fully deployed and developed the old Strider Honeymonkey research project they developed about back in 2010. I think it would be safe to assume most AV companies run stuff like this as well. Its...
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    Associated Press Sues FBI Over Fake News Story

    If the FBI did it without prior consent, its pretty scary. The government using the 4th estate to plant false information is nothing new, at least with their consent. Impersonation of news media individuals/entities by law enforcement without prior consent from said entity should be a whole...
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    Windows 95 Turns 20 Today

    I was on the phone over 9.5 hours of my 10 hour shift that day at a MS site working as a contractor supporting installation issues for the general public. Try taking a grandfather who isn't particularly computer literate through the process for fixing a start button occupying the whole...