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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    Recently resurrected my Klipsch 4.0 setup that I have had since they were introduced and they still work great. I don't think directional sound is as good today as it was back when it was hardware driven. I still prefer gaming with a headset though for the communication. Now if I could find...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Looks like BFV with modern weapons :)
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    Post Scriptum Realistic WWII game

    I meant you were right, they need to fix the sound to make it closer to the 109 . It shouldn't sound that close to a Spitfire.
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    Post Scriptum Realistic WWII game

    They should try to fix that, there's no mistaking a Merlin engine.
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    Battlefield V

    I can only imagine how well the building goes when half the other team is sniping . Definitely could use sniper limits.
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Just wondering what kind of cooler you got it on?
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    Battlefield V

    I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many fortifications will get built if you still get sniped from across the map. It's hard enough to get meds and ammo as it is now in bf1 . If you start out with little ammo, you will be out of luck.
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    Battlefield V

    I just wish that there would be a mode where you could have large armor battles with no planes ruining the action.
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    Buying GPU From Miner?

    Caveat emptor .
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    DDR3 1151 boards?

    Do you still need a cpu? I have an i5 6600 that I replaced with a kaby lake I7 that I can send you and if it works for you, you can make me an offer. I will have to find it first though lol.
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    Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium HD, why use it?

    The Daniel K drivers make using the Creative cards a lot easier to handle software wise .
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    7700K supplies

    Those don't look out of place.
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    Only 1 Russian map I like. I like all the French maps and my favorite of all is Achi Baba in the last dlc. I guess cause there are no tanks lol. Cape Hellas is a real pain if you have no air superiority. There should be some maps that fit your playstyle.
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    Heatsink compatibility

    Even the used chip market is high. 6700/K, and 7700'S are going for well over $200.
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    Battlefield 1 still worth buying after a year?

    My friends and I play it almost every night. Sometimes we have to play on EU servers to get full 64 player maps but we most always have a good time.