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    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US's not the CEOs setting their own remuneration, they just ask for it. The board of directors, and by extension the voting shareholders are the ones who accept huge offers to attract their must-have employee. It's an arms race between corporates, offer to pay less and another entity will...
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    Huawei is Allegedly Stealing Technology from Apple Suppliers

    Saw a figure the other day that something like four fifths of industrial espionage in America is assumed to be Chinese in origin. Probably pales in comparison to all the things they force foreign companies to do in China, if they want to buddy up with a local manufacturer.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    Sometimes I do feel kinda sorry for corporates like Google and the relentless torrent of filth and complaints they have to deal with. Commanding the tide to stop, really. Then I remember the last half dozen kneejerk demonetisations and copyright strikes, and I stop feeling pity for them.
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    Microsoft Fights Fake News with New Edge Browser Feature

    There goes the online presence for the CDC and FDA, I guess ..
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    Overwatch Team Discovers Female Player Was a Male Imposter

    Well, what do you know, women are still the real victims in all of this. Who'd have thought it?
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    Teardown of the $2500 Titan RTX Video Card

    Guess I'm now old enough, I've reached that point...videocards now officially have way more memory than was on my entire hard disk.
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    How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon and Its Shoppers

    Humans adapting to the machine learning about them, which then learns about their new adaptations and learns begins.
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    Riot Executive Suspended without Pay for Allegedly Touching, Farting on Subordinates

    A man grabbing another man by the balls is probably sexed behaviour, but sexist? Against whom? Is the issue that women don't feel comfortable with grabbing them by the old Johnson?
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    Fortnite, PUBG and Other Games Allegedly Banned in China

    Good for China, and good for everyone else. I can think of a few other nationalities that could do with a purging from servers...
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    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    The "government" doesn't have a majority, this has veen a bipartisan assault on the rights of companies and individuals. Very much a continued theme here.
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    24 Amazon Workers Injured By Robot Accident

    Can Amazon run a service where you press a button on their app, and a drone whooshes out of their warehouse to drop you a can of bear spray in a timely manner? Sounds like an idea. Why carry hiking equipment when you can walk unencumbered and let the robots do the hard work?
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    DoD Funds Study to Regrow Bone Segments Using 3D Printers

    Dang, they had to cut a big mushroom of cartilage out of me. Maybe they should have offered it to you guys secondhand? If I can figure out how to keep growing the stuff, this could turn into a business model!
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    New York Passes Minumum Wage Law for Uber and Lyft Drivers

    Where I am, the issue is that they DIDN'T protect the taxi cartel. It was legally impossible to operate a taxi without a bunch of background checks, extra certifications and a fee (well into six figures) to the state government for an accreditation. Yet, mysteriously, the ride-share services...
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    Wonder where the demonetised accounts would have placed?