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    Google Ends Self-Censorship, Defies China Government

    Google just made a huge mistake; they should of just left China altogether. This wont end well.
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    Global Agency Reconsiders `.XXX' for Porn Sites

    Giving porn its own domain would further legitimize and solidify pornography's place in society. Neither of those things are good since the massively negative effect it has on the pinnacle of human expression (AKA: Making Love). Its like setting out a room for local hooligans who vandalize...
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    List Your Sexual Orientation on Xbox Live

    I can see now why Islam doesn't recognise sexual orientation; so they don't have to deal with this crap. Gone are the days of simply stoning those we didn't like or agree with to death: Shame about that... :-)
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    Scientists Figure Out How to Harvest Body Kinetic Energy

    Sounds like a great way to become a lighting rod...
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    Supernanny Takes on Violent Video Games

    Desensitizing people only means that people wont respond naturally when they are faced with a circomstance in which the natural reaction should kick in. If children are desensitized to violence, then it means they will be naturally more inclined to follow and not resist someone who is...
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    Watching Porn More Acceptable Than Pirating Music

    Laugh and mock while you can, in the end; most of you who subscribe to pornography will suffer what was described and the hardest part is: You will never have the excuse to say that you were never given a fighting chance or that you weren't warned. Live, enjoy it and then when the time comes...
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    Watching Porn More Acceptable Than Pirating Music

    Porn FAQ ----------- Whats wrong with looking at porn? - It is a very quick way to objectifying the most intimate human act. - Leads to increased levels of sexual unhappiness due to unrealistic expectations and copycat like behaviour. - Converts the act from the natural self-giving desire to...
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    Wall Outlet With Built In Extension Cord

    Its a bad idea because it would be too expensive to design a retraction system that would be robust enough to survive for the expected lifetime of such a device. At best, it would stop fully retracting after a certain time and become a hazard and an eye sore.
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    Operation Can Give Patients ‘HD’ Vision?

    Such an operation may be dangerous or ill-advised for people prone to anxiety or nerve issues. That much more information going into the old brain could cause issue.
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    Following A Clock on Twitter?

    Opps: I supose its easier to forgive an inanimate object being self indulgent then a human. BONG BONG...
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    Following A Clock on Twitter?

    I supose its easier to forgive an inanimate object to to self indulgent then a human. BONG BONG...
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    Developer Accused of Stealing iPhone Numbers

    GORANKAR: thats rubbish, they could easily hash the number and send the unique md5 off to check that. This was obviously intended.
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    Sony Develops Highly Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System

    I suspect you will need a proper faraday cage for this one spinelli. When I was a kid I was told that watching TV would fry my brain... Funny how modern society likes to take things more literally
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    The Tech Behind eHarmony

    That article is the silliest thing ive read all day. "Essas' philosophy is interesting because it runs so counter to the site's goals, as a self-declared maker of long-term relationships." - How the heck can you compare a product to a human relationship? Thats just outright wrong and a such a...
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    Gundam Creator Says 'Video Games Are Evil'

    The guy is perfectly right, video games do assist in the ruin of this world. If we had people spending that time on being productive instead of sitting on their butts creating and taking part in pure fantasy tripe the world would learn to be much more responsible. Total waste of electricity...