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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    This mx 5 stuff is very thick and is also blue.
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk review: possibly the best $200 X570

    Anyone have issues using XMP with this board? Using run of the mill t-force ddr4 and system seemed less stable using XMP. My BIOS is older, I should update it.
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    Frys was honestly dead long before covid hit, they had embarrassingly barren shelves for quite some time. Great memories though, our store always had some particularly attractive returns employees.
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    Ebay charges tax?

    Yeah it's the worst. You pay tax on what you buy and from the selling side their fees and payments changes make it just that much better.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Fork you GOG , cannot login due to 2fa not sending me confirmation code email. Checking reddit, I am not the only one either.
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    [DEAD]Steam Autumn Sale 2020 has started! runs from November 25 to December 1, 2020 10AM PST

    Is this the sweet spot price for Doom Eternal via Steem?
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    Gotta opt in to get the last 18% back from 2017 NiceHash breach.

    "Minimum withdraw amount is 0.001 BTC" - annoying!
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    Ugly GPUs

    This thread delivers haha.
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    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    We need guys like MLID to talk about elephants in the room but.... If stock was so low that AIB cards sold out as fast as FE cards, I don't exactly see how nvidia is rolling in the dough any more or less than with other launches.
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    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    I got the ftw3 in, came in a fancy rainbow box rather than the plain brown one. So far so good.
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    IKEA Partners with ASUS' Republic of Gamers Brand for Gaming Furniture

    I shouldn't be so mad about this but Ikea's processes really couldn't handle the demand for furniture well during these past few months. I had to axe my dreams of a big ass ikea desk after striking out through June and July and checking their online stock daily. They also have a history of...
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    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    Felt like it was a good time to snag a 1080ti FTW3 which will supplant a 1660ti; honestly overkill since I don't play anything near cutting edge titles but I upgraded to a 1440p 144hz monitor this year. $350 is a stretch in my book but I just can't see the 2 series dropping that hard until the...
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    Ryzen 5 3600 $155 @ MC + $20 off motherboad = $135. In-store only

    Snoozed and losed. Up to 175 now everywhere else.
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    Prolimitech Megahalems on AM4

    I've got an old skool Prolimitech Megahalems heatsink I'd like to adapt to AM4. Prolimitech no longer supports for AM4 but hoping a cooler master or Noctua mounting kit might be a viable solution... anyone have any experience or advice? Board would be b450 Tomahawk. All I have found is this...