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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    3yr warranty. Unless you can verify the date of manufacture before you purchase it, it can still be a gamble on how much time you have left on that warranty. Same as above. I mean, to each his own and all, but I don't see how you can justify still spending $500+ on a card that comes with no...
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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    A used card also comes with no warranty. Unless you know/trust the source, purchasing used tech can be a gamble. For a better apples-to-apples comparison, look at the prices of new cards. Now we are on a fair playing field. It doesn't make sense to purchase a 1080TI when a 2080TI costs...
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    starting to play with 10gb - Mellanox and need help

    Using them with a hypervisor? I'm surprised you didn't opt for an Intel X520-DA2 and just be done with it. I mean, sure Mellanox cards can work very well, but not without a lot of work and not right out of the box.
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    Dell Alienware 34" 120hz 21:9 G-Sync monitor $719.99

    Picked me up one Friday. I've been looking at this monitor since it came out. This is the lowest I've ever seen it drop by a large margin.
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    EVGA 2080 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING for $650 with 15% off ebay mobile website coupon

    How did I miss this!? Crap! Maybe I'll get luck with cyber Monday?
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    Alienware AW3418DW Ultrawide 34”, 120hz, IPS, arguably the best 34” G-Sync monitor - $800 at buydig.

    Actually a lot of movies (even those that are streamed) aren't exactly 16:9. Super 35, anamorphic, etc.
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    Ebay (BIN): Quad port 10Gb Chelsio card: $50 OBO

    Not necessarily. Just get whatever fiber your SFP+ transceiver uses that you'll be using to plug into this card.
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    Something strange is afoot at the Circle K, Ted

    Wow, no one suggested GPO or registry changes? That would have fixed it right up after a reboot. For future reference: gpedit.msc Computer > Admin Templ > Network > Link-Layer Top Disc - Enable LLTDIO (Enable in Domain and Public if your current network connection is ID'd as such) - Enable...
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    Moving files between two PC's (Un-networked), the best way?

    Exactly my thinking. There is a reason the two computers are not on the same network. The solution cannot be "connect the two computers to another network in which they see each other." This is a blatant violation of policy. Either deal with the USB drive or run the issue up the chain. It...
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    Adventures in setting up a home server (was Want to set up my own DNS for domain, self-hosted)

    Int DNS server should never be the same as the Ext DNS server. Run them on two separate VMs, on two separate networks. Just saying.
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    Home Network Security Cocktail

    Yeah, BitDefender. Their new Ultra package is pretty interesting. I'm contemplating using their GravityZone appliance at work.
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    Home Network Security Cocktail

    AT&T symmetric Gig FTTH Supermicro SYS-5018A-FTN4 running pfsense & pfblocker & SNORT AeroHive AP250 for WiFi Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 port POE Testing a Dell N3048P currently (it is crazy loud) Cylance at the moment for antimalware. I might be switching over to BD Ultra and giving that a spin.
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    1080ti Roller coaster Pricing?

    Not trolling at all. I just have an understanding of economics and can smell when someone is really just trying to milk a product when it really doesn't deserve it. In August (before the 20180ti release, they dropped in price dramatically, and YES they knew what the pricing would be...ish)...
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    1080ti Roller coaster Pricing?

    So, in just looking at the historic pricing on an EVGA 1080Ti, can anyone explain why such the huge swings in price? I mean, come on $629 to over $800 back and forth?! I obviously missed my window or I would have definitely purchased a 1080ti at $630 a few months ago. I just find it very...
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    Nvidia Nerfing 10-Series With New Drivers?

    I disagree. Turing is a game changer. The only way to advance that R&D is to toss it (Tensor cores) on a product and sell a few hundred thousand. Then, the next series cards will have a very significant hike in performance across the board. Someone has to pay for that tech advancement...