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    Server 2012 Hyper-V VT-d /IOMMU How?

    I have a motherboard and processor that supports VT-d. In ESX-i I was able to redirect a pci-e card to a specific virtual machine, It did have problems and did not work completely, but the VT-d did seem to be redirecting the card. I was able to install the drivers, and it looked good in device...
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    HOT: 10" tablet w/1gb DDR3, 1.6Ghz Dualcore cpu, dual cameras, N-wireless $139@Walmar

    This looks like it is probably based on the RK3066 (rockchip) processor . There is hacking community forming around these devices. The same chip is in a lot of these new Android thumb PC's. (search imito mx1 , mk808 ) 7" Tablets with this chip can be had for about $120 on Amazon with the same...
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    [Release] ProFTPD for VMware ESXi 5.x

    From your page "I personally do not see much value in having an FTP server in ESXi," . Well I do. The other methods are slower and prone to failure. Does it take care of the Esxi firewall rules? I have seen some other postings about FTP and having to open some stuff in the firewall config...
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    Gorilla Glass

    I dont even need to see the clip to remember the guy telling him to use the mouse, and then Scotty picking it up and talking into it..
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    Network Monitoring Software

    Only one windows PC?? Perf mon would work.
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    Home Computer Router Trouble

    The last time I tried installing Smoothwall I got the APM message.. I thought there was a way around that. like launching the install with specific switches. (Maybe specifying a different kernel for install?? Cant remember exactly) take a look around on the install pages for options or help.
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    Comedy printer security

    Ya... Just wait till you go look at HP all in ones.. FAX and SCAN. About 2 years ago I bought a all in one and I did a search for the firmware version on it. Well lo and behold I found about 3 out of 10 on the first 2 search pages of google still had something on the glass for me to scan...
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    Wireless Help - Why doesn't my laptops connect via 802.11n?

    TKIP. you need AES Also good reading Although I do not necessarily agree with #5 in this one)...
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    Google's 50 Most Searched Women on the Internet

    Dont think I am the one that needs help.
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    Google's 50 Most Searched Women on the Internet

    I understand why Justin Bieber is on the list, but why Lady Gaga?
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    The Most Sought After Laptop In The U.S.?

    Nissan has their own level of arrogance. just try and visit
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    Commercial Wireless Router

    I do not understand the need for the 881. Those have tons of crap you won’t use from your description. What about a 1250 Just make sure NOT to get the LWAPP Lightweight version (Unless you want to invest in a controller) you want the...
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    Router Bandwidth Monitoring

    If your going with a linux distro you can use NTOP. Or even if your keeping the wrt 54g you can run NTOP against the router and monitor traffic. (Search dd-wrt ntop) If your running windows do a search for NTop_XTRA_3_18_0.exe they dont make a compiled version for windows and the only place...
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    Thoughts on this N router? (NETGEAR WNDR3700-100NAS)

    I Just ordered one of these today. Brainslayer (The main guy behind the dd-wrt firmware) has one of the 3700's in his possession right now. (A forum post on Smallnetbuilder for the 3700 has a link to a posting in the DD-wrt forum where people donated enough money to get him one) It looks...
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    Network Administration Career Question?

    Find the local Cisco, linux, computer, anything IT related user group, and start attending the meetings.. Computer networking is not the only type of networking you shlould be good at to get the job..