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    David Warner, voice of Baldur's Gate 2's Jon Irenicus, has died

    My best friend is a vampire
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    Wtb super Nintendo (the really old Nintendo)

    ^^ Maybe I'll buy a cheap one to gamble on and then go from there with repairs, but so far the two from ebay are being returned because they were $70~ a pop and the sellers said "tested / working", so I'm not really willing to try repairing those myself if you know what I mean, I messaged them...
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    Wtb super Nintendo (the really old Nintendo)

    Apparently the snes jr isn't equipped to output RGB. I already bought "HD Retrovision" component cables AND a retrotink for the early models I bought. I see a mod chip for the jr. that I'm equipped to install, but this all comes out to a bit more money then I had on offer lol. I didn't really do...
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    Wtb super Nintendo (the really old Nintendo)

    No emulation guys, thanks. This is for a streaming/youtubing thing and all about authentic hardware.. there's zillions of them on eBay, just had some bad luck. I'll keep browsing there.
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    Wtb super Nintendo (the really old Nintendo)

    I need a Super Nintendo (the old cartridge based console from the 90s).. the kids are going hard on the retro gaming and so far I've tried two bundles from eBay now, one wouldn't work at all and the other completely freaked out on 3d looking "mode 7" games like Zelda and Mario kart. I got the...
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    FS: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 3070

    Will you be continuing the switch online plan? Your expiration date is less than two months away. If so I'd be interested once my switch arrives (should be in this week)
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    SOLD: Nintendo Switch Oled

    Got pics of the switch? Box and accessories (dock, AC adapter, etc)? Heatware? How fast can you get her out the door? I'm flying out next friday and wouldn't mind having this bad boy for the long boring flight.. Edit: I've claimed the switch mwahahahaha
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    WTB xbox 360 windows wireless adapter / charger cable / etc

    Kind of random for [h] I guess but.. Have been on a bit of a kick with my 360 lately replaying some of my old games... getting tired of buying AA batteries. I have one rechargeable battery but no cable to charge it with.. so uh.. I don't remember the official names of these things but let me...
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    WTB: original Xbox!

    1.06b Xboxes from 2005 (and 1.06 models from 2004) don't have the "plague capacitor" and won't boot on stock bios without the cap Too bad I just saw this, I've got a couple Xboxes in the closet tsop flashed with evox, ready for hard drive upgrades
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    Nvidia asking US gov to exempt GPUs from tariffs

    I'll grant them that the point of tariffs are to inflate prices of foreign products to entice buyers to shop domestic, meanwhile we still have zilch in the US. However, I 100% agree that Nvidia will just pocket the difference. a 25% tariff and supposed shortages wouldn't cause revenue to...
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    Sony working on subscription retro service

    Kind of off the rails but.. I've been content with ps2 compatibility on pcsx2 for over a decade now. there are literally only 10-30 games that aren't playable from start to finish as far as I can tell.. most of the bugs are caused by hardware rendering...
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    So after 5 years, my 980TI is dying. What should I do to avoid a 1K card purchase?

    Shot in the dark but it could be a corrupted vbios. Re-flashing the bios fixed a similar issue on my gtx 770 sc. Download the bios for the card from techpowerup and flash it with nvflash, then try installing a driver again. Worst case you screw up and brick the card, best case it comes right...
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    Elder Scrolls 6 will release for Xbox and PC only

    Haha funny joke. 10 years from launch there will be 8086 different versions of TES:VI for everything from PS5 to Game Boy Color
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    The Most Badass 120mm Fan? Help me find it? this one is 38mm wide ~250CFM @ 5500RPM if thickness is an issue with the above. Paired with a fan controller these are actually amazing for low noise to airflow if you tame them, so plenty of uses...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    I loved source too. As far as I recall, competitive players stuck to 1.6 for it's "better" gun mechanics (that require a bit more effort for mastery, supposedly) and "better" hitboxes. That created a bit of a stigma against CSS. I still fire up source to this day to hit some surf servers, 1.6...