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    10900K - What are the additional 49 Pins used for? (...and some launch rant)

    What the hell did you check the video before this headline or comments were made lol ?
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    Blender, Facebook State-of-the-Art Human-Like Chatbot, Now Open Source

    Human hired by incompetent management surely can :o
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    I had to sign one for Adaptive cruise control Stop & Go on my Ford. They state that you have to be aware of your surroundings and that this is NOT an autopilot. I would think that Tesla does the same which is fine by me. Now I doubt the used market does the same.
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    Intel Compares AMD Laptop with RTX 2060 to Intel Laptop with RTX 2080, Claims Intel CPUs are Better

    Can't you pair a discrete GPU using USB-C ? Seems like they could have tried to not hide every solutions..
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    Surface Book 3 - Intel stomps AMD

    Well the higher SKU of AMD for the surface edition is also a 15W default TDP and their battery life isn't calculated on CPU/GPU intensive tasks. "involves continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits." They didn't mention which WiFi standard was used here and the Intel has the advantage of...
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    Google Stadia Port Troubles Blamed on the Linux Kernel Scheduler

    oh wow we need more posts linking Linus text :o
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    Can you benchmark desktop "snappyness"?

    I prefer to just re-image once in a while (usually after big Windows updates) to get that feeling. All the important stuff are on other SSD/HDD and/running into VM. Never had luck with defrags in the past lol
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    Am I looking at benchmarks the wrong way?

    Dan_D sum it up well but if I may add, it's the buyer's responsibility to understand their use case and analyze the data provided. It's easy to get swayed one way or another on the internet. You may also request tips from educated users like this forum for sure but make sure you include all the...
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    Am I looking at benchmarks the wrong way?

    Well across the board although I doubt anyone said "largely superior" means way more than gaming at 1080P using a 2080TI and an i3 CPU ...
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    Intel Plans To Battle AMD Ryzen 4000 In 2020 With Mass of Hyper-Threaded Processors Including 5.3GHz

    Ahah just missed a mom dragging their kids to the clothe store or whatever picture :o
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    Researchers observe brain-like behavior in nanoscale device

    Well history has proven many times that removing rights to capable things (person, etc) results in rebellion ;) Skynet incoming.
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    Researchers observe brain-like behavior in nanoscale device

    What about artificial hearth ?
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    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    Lol "my car runs without a trace" said someone using a modern cellphone and using typical streets where camera are everywhere... But yeah, it's out of control.
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    Threadripper 3000, who bought it?

    Well as in everything else, we need to keep pushing the boundaries of bleeding edge and stay far away from stagnation (4 cores Intel, I'm looking at you). There's always lower tier offering and claiming the crown is always good marketing (See NVidia here). Nobody is forcing people to buy into...
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    Intel is still sneakily sabotaging AMD performance

    ? couldn't mathlab implement the workaround in the preference menu mentioned around the internet lol ? Using a simple command they're able to tap into the blocked power of AMD CPU. I think the worst commotion is it's not 100% block, it can be bypassed but it's hidden from typical user. Mathlab...