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    HTPC - no more?

    The HTPC might make a comeback. Devices like the Nvidia shield are starting to put ads on their home page which aggravates people. PC's in a 4x4 form factor are becoming more common. I can pick up an Asrock Ryzen 3 4300U x4 box with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD drive, and have a box with more...
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    Does Windows copy files in any particular order?

    No matter how it does it, you can be sure that it will be slow if done through Explorer. It always amazes me how Microsoft can screw up such a simple function. It's fine if you're only doing a couple of files but deteriorates quickly when doing any significant number...
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    We need better site-to-site VPN routers/gateways

    60% should be a realistic expectation.
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    We need better site-to-site VPN routers/gateways

    Does this VPN tunnel allow all traffic or are you doing split tunneling? I was wondering if you could peg the line with a test and note the CPU utilization during that test. If you can't do that, can you do some type of sustained file transfer and get the CPU utilization while...
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    "Home" Router with "Enterprise" Features?

    You should be separating the Wifi from the router and using AP's. The router/firewall should be concerned with the routing, firewalling, QoS, and NAT'ing. With respect to QoS, if you have a relatively low speed and asymmetric connection then a router that can do FQ_Codel would be important...
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    We need better site-to-site VPN routers/gateways

    How are you even getting 60Mbs? Upload from the 400/100 site? The lowest common denominator in this scenario is the 50Mbs. You shouldn't be able to download more than 50Mbs from the 400/100 site and shouldn't be able to upload more than 100Mbs since those are your bandwidth restrictions...
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    We need better site-to-site VPN routers/gateways

    What was the encryption algorithm used for the IPSec connection? Also, you're not going to get beyond 80-90Mbs since your uplink speed is limited to 100Mbs -- not that you're anywhere close to that yet.
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    What are you guys using for a router that you love?

    Still using an Edgerouter Lite here with 1Gbs Symmetric Internet without issue. I'd probably use VyOS since it has a very similar syntax to the Edgerouter if I had to replace it. The big drawback in doing so though would be the power consumption on the HW that I have (old I7-2600K or...
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    WD 18TB Red Pro 7200 Rpm, $251 at Amazon

    Shows as $394.70 now. Guess I missed it.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    I guess the Nvidia 1080TI. I purchased it 4 years ago for $699 and it's worth more now than it was then. I'd prefer a RX 6800-XT now since I'm using Linux but certainly am not going to pay today's prices for a modest upgrade. I'd have to purchase an RX6900-XT go get any noticeable speed...
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    Linux driver for Intel GPU

    With the Intel Arc Alchemist GPU's to be release in 2022, what's the driver situation for Intel on Linux? My understanding is that the Intel Iris XE is fully supported in the latest kernels and that Intel is similar to AMD in being open with their drivers and not like Nvidia.
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    What's a computer?

    I think you mean Turing Machines -- not turning. Spellcheck in this case doesn't do you any favors. Younger people can't get by without a spellchecker these days. They can't do simple math in their head and they also can't write their own name because cursive isn't taught. I think our...
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    what is your best gpu that is just colecting dust

    Just gave my GTX 980 to my nephew so he can wait a bit longer for pricing to return to something a bit more normal. It's been gathering dust since my 1080TI purchase 4 years ago which was only $750. Weird that I could probably sell that for the same price or more than what I originally...
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    Installing Linux is not the pain it once was. Most Distro's use Calamares and it's just as easy as Windows. Office should not be a concern for anybody at this point. I use Softmaker Office 2021 which has a native Linux install and think it's better than Microsoft Office for what I use it...
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    A fresh new Firefox is here

    Looks like I'm going back to Chromium. Was never a big fan of Firefox anyway.