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    lower end touchscreen laptops - Yoga types?

    PM's sent to both... Anything else?
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    lower end touchscreen laptops - Yoga types?

    It's summer and my kids are driving me nuts. They spend most of their time in minecraft type low end games so specs don't need to be crazy. I have an 8ft workbench with three desktops on it. I have a total of 5 kids and 3 desktops. They luckily play nicely together most of the time in games when...
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    FS: Ryzen 3600 $180 | 1600X $80 | EVGA 1660 Ti $180

    you need the 3900 at minimum.
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    Warm: 24 core 2970wx 750 @ microcenter

    oh god I don't miss those days at all.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    I'll take the Bose, can you PM me your paypal?
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    WTB: Specific retro parts from 2004(ish)

    you can't do a proper retro build on anything but Abit!
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    Let's talk about the crash, the current situation and the future of crypto

    it really is... All the way to add a puppet in control of your enemy nations. We've been doing it for a very long time in the US funding regime changes. This recent one is the first time it has publicly happened to us though.
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    QuadrigaCX Founder's Cold Storage Wallet Found

    Nobody is keeping LARGE sums of cash on these crappy exchanges. Its basically peanuts from thousands of people will add up to real money pretty quickly. I've accidentally had large sums on weird exchanges because at the time I put them there it was peanuts. last fall I went around logging into...
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    Let's talk about the crash, the current situation and the future of crypto

    The american dream is get just large enough to squish somebody else and take from them until you do it enough to squish bigger people then you can commit rampant fraud and have prostitutes and mistresses and become the president of a once proud nation which has become a laughingstock. You just...
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    Chicago Gamers Will Have to Pay an Extra Tax on PlayStation Store Purchases Soon

    with the status of federal taxes and the deficit it is now on the states to provide many essential services as the federal government continues to take the derp pills. medicaid expansions specifically. Even Utah realizes that GIVING homeless people homes saves money. Ever see a chicago winter...
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    Diablo 4 comming?

    yes they are...
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    Boxed ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    when were they not?