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Jan 10, 2020
Jul 11, 2006
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Jan 10, 2020
    1. zsec
      This guy single-handedly keeping PC gaming alive, jesus fuck.
    2. atrance5
      "Mike211 has not made any friends yet"

      I wonder if I should befriend Mike211 :)
    3. Mike211
      I have the game. Thanks anyway.
    4. Savoy
      Hey mike your the one who hooked me up with a metro 2033 code. I would like to return the favor with a mafia 2 code if you want 1. I have 3 I just got from evga. 1 I'm gonna keep and 1 I have aside for a friend and 1 I would be willing to give to you if you dont already have the game. Let me know bro.
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    [Vertigo Acid]Simply put, knock it off.Posting pictures of your game collection over and over in threads that are only mildly related, or starting threads just to post a picture of your gear contributes 0 content to the forum. Forums are for discussion, not picture pimping. There are some threads where the entire point is to post pictures, so feel free to contribute to those. But if you need to do more than just post pictures in other threads.Understood?
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