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    INPUT packet died: from android television

    Moderately sure is a common multicast range. Could potentially be a DLNA announce/peering broadcast request.
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    Once again I turn to my [H] family for help (Excel 2016)

    Weird things can happen when you migrate a profile between Windows versions. If you have access to create a new local user, do that and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't, then you may need to clean any stored settings for Excel out of HKCU/appdata.
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    Issued an unintended command

    Run as a non-admin in that context? Probably not. The command you ran only removes hidden, read only, and system flags from files and directories under your user's folder. The majority of the stuff that would cause issues will be owned by Trusted Installer and you're not going to affect it from...
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    Does the 570 chipset fan make noise?

    AMD's fault on this one since they designed X570 in-house, and the consensus seems to be that it won't temperature throttle in some edge-cases. ASMedia is doing the next, so who knows if it'll be necessary for that one.
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    Does the 570 chipset fan make noise?

    X570 Aorus Elite, I set the fan curve to silent and as far as I can tell it doesn't even spin. Temps never seem to get to above mid-high 50s c on the chipset, and the danger zone for those is 90-100 c I believe. I've heard that it's there since there's no thermal throttling support in the...
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    Ryzen 5 2600 high idle temps and temp spikes

    I'm getting the same minimum clocks on a 2600x, lowest it goes is around ~2200 with the power plan minimum set to 5%. I always assumed it was normal. I also got around the same temps in a Fractal Define R3 with the stock cooler. Games were around ~75 c. 100% utilization via maxed out thread...
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    OS imaging and redeployment over network?

    If you need native hardware access there's always the VHD boot option.
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    Need help with finding "in stock" online x570 board

    Have you looked at Load the parts you want into a saved list and then buy when you see the price you want at a good retailer, I think you can get email notifications as well.
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    Quick PowerShell Help

    Yep, use the Powershell ISE that's included in Windows, put the commands on separate lines and save as a PS1. Actually, just use the ISE for everything. Has a ton of help features and cmdlet autocomplete etc built in.
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    Help Entering the offset for voltage on the AMD 3600 - with BIOS image

    That's the one. Strange behavior in the BIOS, my Gigabyte board provided a pop-out menu to select the Vcore option and the offset.
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    Help Entering the offset for voltage on the AMD 3600 - with BIOS image

    Set the Vcore to normal from auto, that should expose the offset setting.
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    Which X570 to buy ~$200?

    I recently updated as well and went with the X570 Aorus Elite. Haven't had any issues that weren't my own doing (tuning Ram timings, etc) with the latest BIOS (F12j). From what I have seen, outside of the normal pockets of defective devices, as long as you do Ram from the QVL (either Gigabyte or...
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    GTX 970 incompatible with Win10?

    No problems with a 970 on Windows 10 here. Could be driver version related? Other thing could be the BIOS on the card if it's detecting something to do with UEFI support. Maybe check and update that if available?
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    Greenmangaming Winter Sale has started.

    I'm guessing they are just clearing out unsold inventory on unpopular titles, I got "CORPORATE LIFESTYLE SIMULATOR" as a free gift when I grabbed Dishonored: Definitive. However they can get rid of them I guess, there's probably a 1% mix in of something good to generate buzz. I preordered RE7 a...
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Announced

    I'm just coming back to MWO after almost 2 years, dropped it because it just didn't seem to be going anywhere. The game is pretty solid now. I was wondering what had changed, because IGP/PGI didn't seem to be able to do anything right when I left.