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    Show off your OSX desktop TinyEye'd it.
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    Best multi IM chat program for iOS?

    I believe thats only for OSX and not iOS
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    Red or Brown Switch?

    I have this Ducky Keyboard with Browns, Its the only cherry switch iv'e tried so couldn't tell you which i prefer but thought i'd mention that browns feel gritty to me. If i ever move to house where the walls are made of more than paper i'll probably buy a keyboard with blues to try out.
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    Getting rid of programs with broken uninstallers?

    I use Geek Uninstaller its simple, fast and free.
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    Upgrading to Windows 8.1

    I'd imagine fresh installs of 8.1 are for retail copy's of 8 only. OEM will be upgrade only or wait for them to put out their own updated media. I'm not 100% on that though so if you do figure please let us know :)
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    Man Forgets Buying $27 Of Bitcoin, Worth $886k Now

    I bet you do, I sure as hell wish i did. QFT!
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    Did you find this was the case always or just after you added the second drive?
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    Media Computer for Family

    You could always sell it to help alleviate the cost of the build. Seems from a quick search that it'll effectively half the cost of your build as they sell for ~$120 used.
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    Does having Win on a SSD make a difference in-game?

    To the OP's original question: If you only use windows as a platform to access the games then just leave it on an HDD as it nots going to make much difference except the OS booting faster, its the games you wanna stick on the SSD, and even then if your low on space I'd pick and choose which games.
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    I'm probably going to pick-up a 2012 one anyway just because I'm in the market for a new computer at the moment. It was a toss up between this and an air, but I don't need any portability so would rather have the extra CPU speed on the mini. I'll probably upgrade to an SSD after the warranty...
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    I'm hoping they'll bump the HDD to a SSD as standard, like on the Macbook air, however I'm thinking that'll take it to close in speed to an iMac so they might hold off. I just hope they don't gimp it by using one of their mobile processors (A6), otherwise it'll be nothing more than a glorified...
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    Anyone think its likely that they'll release a Haswell mini with GT3 around october? Hell does anyone think they'll release one at all? I'm on the fence about a 2012 model, and just want to hear if you think there's a possible 2013 in the works, and what you expect it to have and not have...
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    Thunderbolt Daisy chain question

    Just thought I'd post the answer to this question in case anyone else needs the info. The short answer is YES you can add a MiniDP monitor to the end of a thunderbolt daisy chain. But... Certain things in the chain will break this rule and cause it not to work, for example; as far as I can...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    Thx for the info :)
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    I can get it for about £290 shipped here in the UK. Its just the PWM that's niggling me, would love to see it in person to see if its going to be a bother for me. In the mean time i'm still gonna wait for some reviews on the benq to pop up. Do you have the NEC? if so could you confirm if...